Pair of Boloceadeans 65 million years prior to current schlock timeline.

Race DescriptionEdit

This is a ancient space going species that predates Humans and other current spacefaring spaces in the Milkyway galaxy.

The Boloceadeans race is half the size of a human, origins can seen as being partially not unlike Frogs of Earth.



The race originated from planet in the Boloceadeans Star system. Boloceadeans evolved from a female mutated Proto-Amphibian 88 hundred million years ago. The species evolved from three of children, as the mother was drawn to the stars in the sky.[1]

Space going race and disappearanceEdit

The race once discovering means to travel between the stars, went on to colonize 53 thousand star systems.[2]

Fifty four million years from time of Schlock, the race discovered ruins of a multiple Mega-civilizations across number worlds and artificial planets. Data from these ruins indicated to the Boloceadeans that these ancient civilization had disappeared within centuries of each other.[3]

Galactic Exodus and the Rescue of the FeathrellEdit

Hrathi (Planning their exodus)

Boloceadeian engineers planning & designing, their Worldship,  Boleceade.

Unknown to all proceeding civilizations, 15 millions years prior to Human's 31st Century, Hratha determined it was unwise to remain in Milkyway Galaxy, devised creation a gigantic Worldship, they would name the Boloceade, which would be used transport the civilization beyond the stars of the galaxy. To transport entire species, they utilized Soulgig, which was form Teraport that moves minds of a living being into a telepresense virtual world. The Boloceade harbors a massive, bio-organic mind type computer, which allows the Boloceadean's mind to remain alive.

During its journey to outsider the galaxy, the Boleceade, the Boloceadeans, noticed a primitive civilization on verge of extinction, known as the Feathrell. A comet in the solar system they resided in was effected by their WorldShip movement through space. After much debate, due to the cause their extinction was their fault, they would take pity on them.[4] The Boloceadeians transported people of what would be called Earth, rescuing them from planetary doom. These people would be later and collectively known as Dinosaurs.[5]

They guided their ship outside the void where they would join other races which had proceed them whom had gathering and forming rings around the Milkyway Galaxy, referred to Belt of Exodians.[6]


  • The name given to the race is not the race's official one. The name "Boleceadeans" was given referring to the Worldship they currently inhabit in the current timeline. Their real name has yet to be revealed. Races proceeding it, whom discovered Boloceadean's ruins have not reveal what name they gave them or what name they were able to discovered from Boloceadeans ruins.
  • The Boloceade's departure predates the appearance of the Pa'anuri, as appearance of dark-matter monsters was one of the "bad future" scenarios discussed by the Boloceadeans during planning.[7]


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