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Our merry band splits into four commands to raise money for repairs. They are going to get interrupted.


Part II: Barsoom Circus Command[]

In this chapter, Chelle, Schlock, Elizabeth and Chisulo perform a contract that requires heading to a contact at Kelrik Station. Trenchcoat Monobrow briefs the team about the Barsoom Circus about it making ten times the money it should have.

Although Chelle, Elizabeth and Chisulo were selected as Barsoom performers, Schlock was considered mundane due to the popularity of the Schlock Mercenary TV show. As such, he was sent to support staff as janitor. He was able to become an assistant to the security team after demonstrating his keen sense of smell to help find a lost child.

After no progress, Schlock tries examining the crimescene where someone was origianlly killed from a boomex-powered cannon. On return to the circus, he is intercepted by Lunesby, and brought into the full security position for the Barsoom Circus after the death of Zysk.

Eventually, the plot is discovered and handled. Timmons was determined to be the one who killed the undercover cop (acting as a clown) with boomex. Betsumei was infecting the elephants with musth to cause them to become berserk (and infecting Chisulo during the fight), and Timmons was basically closing the net to capture the rogue AI. Despite this, Shclock hired Jud Shafter to contact three amorphs in the baggage search to rescue Lunesby with all anti-establishment evidence.