Schlock Mercenary Wiki

Tagon's Toughs accidentally installed an old friend as the de facto Emperor of the Galactic Core, imbued with almost incalculable power. This raises an important question: is it good to have friends in high places?


Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?[]

  • Petey is now established at the galactic core, leading a hivemind AI.
  • Tagon Toughs are currently on vacation, and currently shipless. Little Schlock calls, stating that he got salvage rights for the Banger's ship, Integrity. Tagon charters a civilian transport to collect the vessel.
  • Petey starts the process of interventionism, by first tereporting away a Tohdfraug fleet attacking Qlaviqul, then overturning the government chartered to defend their own system.

Part VI: Long Arm of the Law[]

  • Tagon's Toughs finished dismantling Hypernet Televised Reality Network in Celeschul.
  • After the operation, the U.N.S. attempts to arrest the Tagon Toughs. Elf attempts an escape by teraporting, successful because an AI made a snap decision to allow the ship to escape.
    • Elf incorrectly believed that this would be a significant explosion.
  • Petey hosts an extradition trial. The U.N.S. is specifically interested in the reality TV, along with unauthorized soldier boosts.
  • After the TAG describes the result of the scenario (that it was mostly a government funded operation to get rid of reality TV), the charges are held in abeyance. Outside the trial, TAG also identifies that Petey was the true source of the operation.
  • Breya was using the trial to determine if parties were being disappeared by Petey. This was confirmed, and she was invited along to see what was being done.
  • The pseudo-squid gets transferred to Petey.
  • Petey describes his community service projects concerning the Andromeda galaxy. The Tohdfraug fleet was placed easily, Kestronan Insurgency received an armor refit and sifts through technological remnants from an old planet, and the Tricameral Assembly was placed on planet Wet.


  • "Pius Dei" is Latin for either "merciful God" or "pious God".