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Breya Andreyasn is the former leader of the mercenaries, diplomat, UNS politician, and Kevyn's sister. She is highly competent, can operate in a variety of fields, and has little tolerance for disrespect, having once injured Captain Tagon after he purchased power armor for her which featured exaggerated breast sizes.

Character History[]

Life as a Mercenary[]

She was first seen collaborating with her brother on commercializing his newly-invented teraport, handling marketing and business aspects. She used the investment capital she was in charge of to stage a corporate takeover of Tagon's Toughs, which was to be used as a marketing outlet for the teraport, and promoted herself to Admiral of the company by virtue of being the one signing the paychecks.

After the teraport was released to the public to prevent its suppression by the Gatekeepers, Breya's company lost its value, and her controlling interest in the Toughs got bought out. At the urging of Petey, who pointed out that Breya no longer had an official role in the organization, Tagon sent Breya packing with one of the company's troop transports. Haban II went with her, in the hopes of finding employment.

Life as Admiral and Ambassador[]

Subsequently, Breya gathered a fleet from a variety of member worlds and species to wage war on the Gatekeepers, and was commissioned as a UNS admiral for this purpose. After the Battle of the Buuthandi and the dissolution of the fleet, she married Haban II, and worked covertly on back-channel diplomacy with the Gatekeepers. During her time under what was classified as a "Secret Mission", she would again employ the Tagon's Toughs to aid her during her investigations with the Gatekeeper. Her fleet had been diminished due fighting and unexpected events during her secret investigations of the Gatekeeper's artifacts[1] However Following the rise of the Fleetmind, Breya was stripped of her rank and appointed UNS ambassador to the Fleetmind, with her former subordinate Colonel Kerchak as her new security chief.[2] She would be assigned a decommission Battleship[3] turn Embassary Ship to operate with the Fleetmind.[4] Despite this position, she has shown a distinct distrust of political maneuvering in the UNS, including collaborating with the Fleetmind at least once to prevent UNS factions from gaining control of critical information.

Ambassador Breya's Fleetmind vessel, UNS Embassy Ship, Terra Firmator.

Life as Prime Tangent of UNS[]

After the events of the Terra Firmator capture and cover up by Admiral Ema, Breya given a job with the UNS in it's Plutorliament as Prime Tangent[5], with aid of her mother.[6] Having been alerted that Tough's and Sergeant Schlock was in town, Breya would go meet him. In course of events, Schlocks saves her, Haban's lives from being killed by a bomb planted in a M3 Incupacitator pistol belonging to JSC Officer, Mathilde Libretti.[7] In the aftermath of the bombing and Schlock's recovery from the explosion, he passes a note to Breya which promptly has her meet with the Tough's Ambassador Escort attachment on Earth. Here she is discovers she carrying a secret, which was blocked when her memories were alternated by Admiral Emm's faction.[8] After learning the truth from false memories instilled into her from Admiral Emm, she would face new challenges. With announcement by the Neoafans releasing Longevity technology, the government is attack by it's own contracted police forces and some armed forces. Compromised police force and other terrorists would use the Earth's ancient Ring satellite array to inflict on the planet's citizens and the UNS. Breya and other gather politicians and officials would be targets and fired upon with intense sun beams from the satellite ring. This would be the opening act which would be a faux rebellion, with blood nanites infecting the police turning against the citizens and politicians alike. Breya and others would be kept alive because of the Toughs and some loyal soldiers of the UNS. In the aftermath of the "New Century Rebellion", Breya would be appointed temporary Secretary General of the UNS January, 3100.[9]


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