Ch'vorthq was developed as a biological construct by the Creeth. Ostensibly designed to serve as the ultimate diplomat during peace-talks with the Golbwerian military. It was only after Tagon's Toughs were hired to escort him to a diplomatic meeting that the sinister truth was discovered.

The combined efforts of Sergeant Schlock, Adjutant Ennesby, and Doctor Todd Lazcowicz revealed that Ch'vorthq was actually a weapon: a Creeth Munitions and High Explosives Exploding Ambassador Version 0.95A. The intent was to lure vital Golbwerian personnel to a sham meeting, and then execute them in one fell swoop by detonating their false diplomat. The plot was foiled, however, and Ch'vorthq was granted the ability to personally defuse his explosive properties (although he lost both of his arms in the process).

Ch'vorthq subsequently remained with the Toughs, and after receiving cybernetic arm replacements (one of which was a motorized whisk) the most logical course of action was to make him the mercenary company's official chef. He has served with Tagon's Toughs ever since.

During the Eina-Afa mission, Ch'vorthq's control over his explosive biology began to fail. Tailor barely managed to save his brain, and his body was a total loss, jettisoned just in time to clear the immense blast radius. The brain was placed in a new, mechanical body, and Ch'vorthq soon returned to duty.