AI - Cindy (Old Woman Appearance)

Cindy, warship artificial Intelligence.

Cindy, Artificial Intelligence, a centuries old female human persona originally utilize on warships.

Character Description and HistoryEdit


Originally started in life as a C.O.F. spec-nine harness designed for Wyvern-Class Gunships.[1] She became the AI of the Gunship, Bristlecone, which would remain in service for centuries and was always referred to by name as Bristlecone.

Liberation and Joining the Tagon's ToughsEdit

She as the AI of the Bristlecone, she would enter service of the Sanctum Adroit security company. Where she would conduct missions on behave of the company. However, she would be freed from control of the company when she was suborned by Para Ventura and granted independence as a free AI thanks to the FleetMind. She would go on and work for the Tagon's Toughs. On the Bristlecone's last mission, the Eina-Afa mission, at insistence of Captain Tagon, Para assisted Bristlecone her signature avatar of a old human woman.[2] Security drone onboard the Eina-Afa would end up taking her ancient gunship and forcefully dismantled.

However, her mind/hardware would be rescued continued to be used. Her mind would end up being transferring to the Tough's superfreighter Cindercone. Installed on board this ship, referred to herself as Cindercone, which would lead her retaining name Cindy later.[3]

Cynthetic CertaintyEdit

In later years, she would be transferred to the modified Dragon-Class Cruiser, Cynthetic Certainty, where she would be ship's AI and under the command of Kaff Tagon. She would be given the right to name her new ship herself.[4]

AI - Cindy (Young Appearance)

Cindy's younger human appearance while in the Andromeda Galaxy.

On mission first mission aboard Cynthetic Certainty, would be a salvage mission. Cindy would navigate her crew to the Object 4118-6, which turns out to be artifact to be an the object the size of the Sol solar system.[5] Where the Certainty would be landed on the surface to deploy it's search teams.[6]

Cindy would be recalled by the Dominion due to the threat of the Pa'anuri's Long guns. Her ship would be forced to remain in safe parking orbit because it's annie plants posed threat of being targeted by the long guns from Andromeda. During this time, the she would undergo a series of system upgrades revise he appearance to a younger human female.[7]

Digital Clone of CindyEdit

During the Andromeda Mission, Sergent Schlock would get isolated from Certainty as they were attempting recapture Dominion Outpost from aliens known as the Dronuri whom were occupying the station. Cindy would briefly contact Schlock and create a limited copy of her self into Schlock's fragsuit. This new AI would be considered non-sapient would have same personality and some intelligence as the original Cindy, but due to nature of the hardware is fully obedient to the owner/user of the suit. However, the sassy copy of Cindy becomes friend of Sergent regardless her status as non-sapient being.[8]


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  • Cindy's name : Like many characters in the Schlock Universe, primary earlier characters. AI naming practices usually pertain to the physical equipment / ship they manage. Thus, Cindy, had many different names. Eventually, after becoming AI of the Cindcrone, she would retain the name Cindy, from then on.
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