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Cynthetic Certainty

Cynthetic Certainty is a warship in the service of Tagon's Toughs. Her captain is Kaff Tagon, and her shipmind is Cindy.

Ship Description[]

Cynthetic Certainty is a customized Dragon-class Cruiser[1][2], like the Toughs' original ship, the Kitesfear. Unlike Kitesfear, however, the Certainty is both brand-new and equipped with a main gun: a spinal-mount, shield-piercing beam weapon that was omitted from the original CDS Dragon fleet for budget reasons. The Main gun being omitted from the Dragon-Class was however due to it's ineffective at long range Combat. The weapon works by using the grav-braid gun which requires the ship to close-in on it's opponent to be able to fully utilize it's weapons full potential as shield penetrate. Main gun's is 45 meters long, with dedicated annie planet.[3] After the ship was teraported to the Andromeda Galaxy[4] to being the fight to the Pa'anuri, the ship was retrofitted via teraport with a new main gun, a Mk V Teragun. The weapons appears to work similarly to its original spinal-mounted gun, being short range. However, the weapon's teraport-elements kills Pa'anuri by causing a disruption to their dark matter bodies.[5] One of the ship's most prominent feature is it's oversized main Annie-plant, which is the teal colored sphere that appears above and below the ship's main hull.

Ship History[]

The name Cynthetic Certainty is based on her shipmind's name and the logical term "synthetic statement". The sentiment of the name is something along the lines of "we say things and then make sure they come true." Cindy chose the name herself.[6]

Urtheep Industries Mission[]

On her voyage, with Captain Tagon in command, the Cynthetic Certainly was dispatched as part of job working for Urtheep Industries to investigate a renegade Gzeaul research ship. The ship had murdered a Urtheep supple freighter and jetted to Sol to a desolate minor planetoid and crashed. The Certainly, was sent as last option since she did not have any Long-Guns and was known design by the UNS. The ship arrived and began to investigate crash site using the ship's infantry company lead by Schlock.

Ship's company would determine that the renegade ship had self-destructed after crashing on the planetiod, leaving nothing in it's remains but atoms. After Tough's investigated the client more out sense of well beings, came to realize that Urtheep wanted the vessel since it had data of a artifact known as Object 4116-8. Object self was was home of a active ancient civilization turned into virtual people in a giant brain. Captain Tagon immediately turn his ship to Urtheep Industries' main orbital headquarter over the Gzeaulian homeworld, suspecting Object had sent some sort of team to wipe out all signs of the Object's location. Captain Tagon would negotiate with the acting president of the company to allow them to assist them countering what strike against their own facilities. Situation turn for the worse, in desperate move Captain Tagon ordered Cynthetic Certainly to Teraport inside the base. Where it turns out Object 4118-6's special operations team had deployed from crates and begun taking over machines in the site to wreck havoc. In desperate move, the Certainly, fired it's main gun, a plasma weapon inside the base wiping out large swath of enemy troops inside.[7] After exiting the station, the ship remained orbit just outside the station. To assist Captain Tagon and Schlock's infantry inside the station, Ot-Skadak warrior nodes were dispatched through the station's shields and with their cybernetic armor gave cover against the marauding Special Force's using Urtheep's robotic products. However, Ot-Skadak Warriors would also be hacked by the Object 4116-8's Agents as well and were quickly put down. To prevent further harm and spread of the what viral infections that could infect all machines, the Cindy uses the ship jamming system. In the end the team was aided by the arrival of a mysterious person known as Putzho, who brought the fight in the space station to an end.[8][9]

Outer Uuple Crisis[]

The Toughs are indirectly contracted into assisting with the recovery of victims from a explosion of a deep space facility. The incident accrued is the highly racist Uuplechan's home star system called, the Outer Uuple. The Certainty's infantrywoman, Peri Gugro, would receive a call for help her sister, Viki,[10] who request would be the means to exploit a loophole in Uuplechan law. This allowed the Toughts to be hired in the recovery efforts. This event would be indirectly known about the the "Outer Uuple Crisis". The Certainty and other ships of the Tough's fleet are deployed to the incident site to render help. Infantrywoman Peri is promoted to Marshal due to the legal situation that allowed company to be able assist the Viki's efforts saving the lives of victims of the incident. However, militia vessels belong to renegade Uuplechion fleet would threaten the recovery efforts. Captain Tagon would end up leading his trio of ships into combat against the renegade Uuplechion feet.[11]



  • It's unclear as of this writing, what the Cynthetic Certainty's secondary weapons or other weapons are. Other than she has turrets for other direct fire weapons.