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The Devastator-class battleship, which AI Warship.

Ship Description[]

The ship was a standard warship of the Fleetmind, and is one of his first designs. The ship gives the appearance of being a mere afterthought to its kilometer-wide annie-plant, albeit a very well-armed afterthought. The design is 100% autonomous, needing no crew other since intended for Artificial Intelligence exclusively. However, the ships are designed with lifesupport for natural life forms to visit the ship or meet with AI operating it if need be.[1] A Devastator can easily defeat a Thunderhead and in fact was designed for that specific purpose. They have quite powerful AIs, but are all linked into and loyal to the Fleetmind. Devastators have extremely powerful gravy tractors and annie-plants in order to work with the Penetrator-class hypervelocity attackers. Due to the Fleetmind's principles, if you find yourself facing a Devastator, it's probably your own fault, and you will be given a chance to surrender. Devastators are larger than older Ob'enn Thunderhead-Class SuperFortresses, and much larger than they are.[2]

Size comparison of a Devastator Class Battleship (right) to a Thunderhead-Class Superfortress (left).

Petey's other designs include the Penetrator-class (semi-)reusable hypervelocity breacher, designed to surgically disable annie-plants and insert boarders, and the Extortionator-class dreadnoughts, which are similar to the Devastators but an order of magnitude larger.

All Fleetmind vessels have designations beginning with the letters P.D.

Ship-Class History[]

First known use of a Devastator was when the PD Polysyllabic Designation was used to intercepted the Ob'enn Thunderheads Staff of Unyielding Order and Scimitar of Irreparable Damage as part of a effort to rescue the Tagon's Toughs.[3] and effectively capturing/taking control of the two SuperFortresses.[4]

All Devastator Class ships, along with other Fleetmind vessels were transferred to the service of Plenipotent Dominion when Petey renamed Fleetmind.

Known Devastator-Class Ships[]

  • Potato Dumplings
  • Polysyllabic Designation
  • Pretty Dangerous
  • Parrot’s Dead
  • Pop Diva
  • Poupance Duungsmeer
  • Parliamentary Diet
  • Piece Docent
  • Prime Directive
  • Pretentious Drivel
  • Pterodactyl
  • Perjurious Discourse
  • Pre-eminent Domain

Aft/Rear View of a Devastator-Class Battleship.