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The Discontiguous Particle Acceleration System or Long Gun is a superweapon that fires a high-power plasma blast through a small wormhole, striking targets remotely. Because the system uses a single relatively large wormhole, rather than many tiny ones like a teraport, it is not blocked by Teraport Area Denial. The only commonly known examples are the Long-Gunner of the Apocalypse and Eina-Afa's fleet of Oafan Long Gun corvettes, but the United Nations of Sol, the Fleetmind and the Pa'anuri all have prototype Long Gun systems.

The Long-Gunner, formerly Credomar Habitat and wielded by Lota, is a UNS project about two centuries old. It is roughly sixty kilometers long by six wide, and fires a linear beam of particles. Its output cannot be easily controlled, but it is a robust weapon capable of firing repeated shots without worry. After seeing Lota use the weapon in anger[1], the Fleetmind warned Lota that he planned to construct equal weapons for himself.[2] The LOTA is capable of using Antimatter as the beam plasma medium, vastly increasing the shot's destructive power.[3]

The Long Gun corvettes fire expanding cones of fusing plasma. They only have enough fuel for one shot, since the design involves accelerating a ring of annie-plants to an enormous spin rate and then decelerating them afterward. A Long Gun corvette can fire twice in a row by using the fuel meant to decelerate the annie-plant ring to fire the second shot, but this destroys the ship. The Oafan Long Gun system is nicknamed 'the NUSPI', for the time when Tagon's Toughs passed one off as a poorly designed phased-array gravy-gun that irradiated itself on use ("No User-Serviceable Parts Inside"). This weapon has a variable output, ranging from a kiloton-range tactical nuke[4] to a surgical strike capable of destroying an individual piece of equipment.[5]

The Pa'anuri Long Gun is a particularly fearsome weapon, as the Pa'anuri figured out a way to feed it enough power from their core generator to clear the colossal energy barrier of intergalactic space, allowing them to hit targets in the Milky Way galaxy all the way from Andromeda. They also connected it to a gravyscope variant that allows them to unerringly strike an annie-plant with every shot.

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