Doyt Gyo was a dim-witted but highly talented bounty hunter with an artificial intelligence named Haban implanted in his spine. He first appeared as an antagonist, when he attempted to kidnap Doctor Edward Bunnigus under the mistaken assumption that she was actually Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz in disguise. Although he was able to neutralize or detain a majority of Tagon's Toughs, he was ultimately captured and decapitated by Sergeant Schlock before he could escape.

He was subsequently rushed to the "magic" cryostasis kit that was built by Lazcowicz, and the embedded personagram recognized him as "an old enemy". Despite posturing on the cryokit's part, it reattached Doyt's head and repaired his artificial intelligence implant, but in doing so it deliberately granted the Haban intelligence direct access to the bounty hunter's motor control. During this process, the cryokit also heavily modified Doyt's body, granting him a number of illegal modifications as a "peace offering".

Doyt then returned to bounty hunting, albeit unsuccessfully. Although details are sparse, it is known that he recovered Lazcowicz's body, and was fired by his employers shortly after attempting to collect the bounty on it. It was during this period that he was drawn into conflict with the F'sherl-Ganni, when his gate-clone escaped captivity during interrogation.

Doyt and a small group of Tagon's Toughs successfully extracted the gate-clone, although in the process the clone was badly wounded. Following this incident Doyt decided to remain in service with the Toughs, while his clone (now known as Haban II) departed the Serial Peacemaker with Admiral Breya Andreyasn.

Doyt spent several months with the Toughs, during which time he swiftly rose through the ranks. He notably served alongside the Toughs during their mission to Ghanj-Rho and during the Teraport Wars. By the conclusion of the Teraport War, he had attained the rank of Commander.

During his time with the Toughs, Doyt Gyo and the Haban intelligence went through a period of adjustment. Initially, the two minds struggled to share control of a single body, but Haban eventually subsumed Doyt Gyo's inferior intellect. Although Doyt still technically existed, his emergence from the resulting gestalt mind became less and less frequent. It was during this time that he became known as Doythaban Gyo.

Following the Tough's unsuccessful attempt to perform community service on Luna, Doythaban Gyo was apprehended by UNS forces under the command of General Levaughn Matsui "Hugo" Xinchub. He has not been seen since his arrest, but it is generally assumed he was executed due to his knowledge of classified information (most notably the existence of Todd Lazcowicz's illegal medical research).


  • Haban 3122 is a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, ranking 5.7 on the Henke-Ventura Scale.