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The Dronuri are race of cybernetic-enhanced life forms whom work for the Pa'anuri inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy.


The Dronuri appear to be artificially produced soldiers, which Pa'anuri use Fabbers to mass produce. How they are educated as adults when created is unclear.

Dronuri are a hybrid of technology and organic components. They appear to be similar to Earth snails. They have an artificial shell, and their eyes are covered by cybernetic goggles.

Their limbs consist of tentacles, and they can retract their biological components into their armored shells.

They are intelligent sapient beings. However, their language is so different from languages used by lifeforms from the Milky Way Galaxy that translators are unable to interpret their speech. As a result, beings from the Milky Way Galaxy have no way to communicate with them.[1]


When first encountered, it appeared that the Dronuri are an indentured species working directly for Pa'anuri. The first contact was on the Dominion outpost captured by the Pa'anuri in the Andromeda Galaxy. Where the Dronuri for utilizing the station's Fabbers.[2]
Dronuri (In combat with Schlock)

First contact with the Dronuri.

Tagon's Toughs would make first contact with them as they were trying secure the Outpost's fabber, which Pa'anuri were using to mass produce new Dronuri.[3]

Once a Pa'anuri Warship was captured, it was seen that they were being used as crew for the baryonic crew, with singular "Captain" being used control the ship. It would not be until Sergeant Schlock's accidental boarding of one such vessel during the Tagon's Toughs Andromeda mission. it was discovered that the Dronuri are in actuallity individual Pa'anuri in baryonic flesh. Showing they can transition between their non-baryonic states and biological baryonic.[4]


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