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Ellen "Elf" Foxworthy
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Tagon's Toughs

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October 11, 2001


Ellen "Elf" Foxworthy is a member of Tagon's Toughs. She was the third female member of the organization to be introduced, after Breya Andreyasn and Edward Bunnigus and before Michelle "'Chelle" Diego-Garcia. Although her gender and petite figure occasionally led her fellow mercenaries to tease or ridicule her, the male crewmen quickly learned to respect her combat abilities.

During her early career with the Toughs, Elf largely filled the role of infantry alongside the other grunts. During the mission to Ghanj-Rho, however, she was given control of a Tausennigan mini-tank and served as air-support alongside Diego-Garcia and Flib Sh'vuu. Her performance was admirable enough to subsequently earn her a promotion to Lieutenant, and command of the Toughs' new Light Armored Platoon.

During the mission to retake the luxury liner Princess Tyola, Elf began to develop a relationship with Hank "Hob" Obscromble, which was only cemented by their near-death experience at the claws of diamond beetles. Sadly, the relationship was cut tragically short when Hob died during the Toughs' mission to Ghanj-Rho. Elf did not take the loss well, and began using powerful stimulants to control her grief.

Elf was seriously injured during the mission to Zoojack Station Alpha when her platoon came under attack by dark matter entities. Although Sh'vuu's explosive death gave her just enough time to eject from her own micro-tank, the resulting blast still severed both of her legs at the knee. She was given a pair of makeshift prosthetic legs using components from an Odin-class Power Suit. She later had her biological legs regrown after the suit feet were destroyed, although she took the opportunity to add several inches to her height.

She was briefly infatuated with Kaff Tagon, but Tagon was not interested and furthermore considered a relationship between himself (a captain) and Elf (a lieutenant) to be inappropriate. After Elf was promoted to commander, Tagon joked that she and Commander Kevyn could now date; shortly thereafter the two actually did begin a relationship, which has been stable so far, eventually becoming a marriage.[1]