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Torpth'g'd'p'tawn, Gatekeeper of Nejjat

The F'sherl-Ganni, aka the Gatekeepers, are one of the oldest known races. The race responsible for the creation of the Wormgates, The Gatekeepers have an extensively modified physiology, uniquely suited for life in space. They have four arms like a Fobottr; however, Gatekeeper arms are bifurcated at the elbow, splitting into two fore-arms per arm. This, combined with prehensile feet, means that a Gatekeeper has ten hands all over his body, plus a powerful tail. Gatekeepers can also survive for extended periods in hard vacuum. The F'sherl-Ganni are best known for being the owners and operators of the Wormgate Corporation.[1]

The F'sherl-Ganni are the first known inventors of the teraport; first known because all previous inventors were successfully exterminated by the Pa'anuri. The F'sherl-Ganni survived the initial attack and fought a long war with the dark-matter beings, which ended with a treaty in which the Pa'anuri left for Andromeda and the F'sherl-Ganni built the wormgate system. The treaty also required the Gatekeepers to prevent reinvention of the teraport, and so they began their infamous policy of gate-cloning travellers and then interrogating and destroying the clones. This policy became pointless and was discontinued when the teraport was open-sourced.

The F'sherl-Ganni are the most populous civilization in the galaxy, with nearly 54 trillion sophonts. They live in six of the modified Dyson spheres known as buuthandi, although one of the buuthandi was destroyed by the coalition fleet led by Breya Andreyasn. They also built the Core Project which nearly destroyed the galaxy, although they do have the excuse that the Pa'anuri tricked them into doing so. The F'sherl-Ganni are currently allied with the Fleetmind and are concentrating on not digging themselves in any deeper.

The term F'sherl-Ganni is plural; an individual is called a f'sherl.


  • The F'sherl-Ganni make virtual copies of any individual who passes through the wormhole gate. They are trained from a young age to interrogate these clones of their knowledge so they may be aware of what going in the universe.
  • The F'sherl-Ganni may have been created by the All-Star. Certainly the All-Star knew about them and their wormgate project.