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Example of a Feathrell with urgent news.

Race Overview[]

The Feathrell were a cold blooded feathered reptiles, whos's origins are associated with Raptors family of dinosaurs discovered by the Humans on Earth.


These were the precursor race that once dominated Earth as most advanced civilization before the rise of the Humans. They would later be known collectively as Dinosaurs and thought be extinct by Humanity and other races associated with the Humans. Humanity finding only bones never discovered any sign of civilization the Feathrell had form.

The Feathrell's extinction was due in part of a comet or some stellar debris crashing into Earth triggering their extinction, and change of life on Earth evolving into Earth where Humans would evolve into sapient civilization.

The entire Feathrell civilization would end up be rescued by Worldship controlled by the Boloceadeans,[1] whom presence of their ship caused the debris to crash into Earth in the first place.[2]

It would not until millions year later the Feathrell's fate would be revealed with arrival of the tiny Exogalactic Exploration Ship, the Pursuing Dinosaurs.[3] The digitalized crew of the Pursuing Dinosaurs would be teraported into clones of their flesh & blood bodies ("Meatjacked") where the Feathrell would host them in quarantine area used recreate their habitat on Earth.[4]


The race had achieved a human-like Middle-ages level technology prior to their Civilization's removal from Earth.


  • In early years of Schlock Mercenary in its first book notes resurrected Dinosaurs in a zoo in Earth. Where the Hypernews Network reports a Brontosaurus being a Dinosaur found in a Nairobi's 'Mesozoic Park falling ill and injuring people.[5] By book 19, when the Feathrell is introduced, the face dinosaurs were resurrect is seemly largely a forgotten fact.