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Sergeant Flib Sh'vuu was an original member of Tagon's Toughs, and the only non-human member seen amongst their ranks before the addition of Sergeant Schlock. Hailing from a race known for its proficiency with communications technology, he acted as the communications officer for both the Kitesfear and the Post-Dated Check Loan.

Although he was hesitant to engage in field duty, he later displayed far more enthusiasm for combat missions after he was given control of an Ob'enn mini-tank with an upgraded hypernet rig. After his duties as a communication officer were invalidated by the presence of an Artificial Intelligence (first Petey and then Ennesby), he became a full-time member of Ellen "Elf" Foxworthy's light armored platoon.

Sh'vuu met a tragic end during the company's mission to Zoojack Station Alpha. During early contact with the unidentified dark matter entities, Sh'vuu's mini-tank was obliterated during a surprise attack.