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Andy, a Fobott'r male.

Race Description[]

Early appearance of a Fobott'r.

The Fobott'r are a race of sophonts which has featured prominently in recent books. Physiologically, Fobott'r have no protruding nose, 4 arms, 2 legs, and pointed ears. The race has male & female genders. They are generally hairless, though they do have crests; these symbiotic microbe colonies look something like a thick mohawk hairstyle. A Fobott'r whose crest is lost will suffer serious psychological and possibly physical consequnces due to the symbiotic relationship. Fobott'r have variety of skin colors, from dark to light skin and three finger hands. Their hands are highly sensitive, and they have at least two tactile languages; grip speak, used for communicating in person, and a very high-density written language used for the encoding on Tlumnphs, and presumably in other applications as well. Fobott'r are a physically powerful race; their four arms are strong, and they are significantly taller and larger than most other sophonts, including humans.

Notable Individuals of the Race[]

Peri Gugro

  • Peri Gugro - Female Fobott'r Corporal in the Tagon's Toughs, who became a leader during a rescue mission at bequest of her sister.[1] During this critical rescue mission she assumed the role of a officer-in-charge and was given (to keep up appearances) the title of Marshal.[2] She eventually began asserting actual control in the operation, however, and left the Toughs to become the leader of her own multi-species Fobott'r clan, holding the title of Clan Mother (leader).[3][4]
  • Greatmother Kathlumira - Female Fobbot'r who is a spiritual leader for the race.[5] Her name appears to be associated with her position, which is compared to the Pope's in the Catholic church. The Fobbot'r church appears to wield exceptional power, as Kathlumira is able to rapidly mobilize a force, apparently at her sole discretion, which is comparable in scale to a sovereign system's navy.
  • Andy Thnempha - Male Fobott'r who was infantryman in the Tagon's Toughs. He served in Sergeant Schlock's platoon for many years until resigning and joining Peri Gugro in hew new clan.


  • Tlumnph - A Fobott'r's personal history, engraved in a tactile script on a small metal plate. Tlumnphs are of great personal and spiritual significance to the Fobott'r.[6]
  • Language - Like most sophont races described in the comic, modern Fobott'r speak Galstandard West.  However, earlier languages related to the number limbs of a individual Fobott'r, and are used for naming of certain Fobott'r ships or positions.[7]
  • Tetlumbrathi - This a Fobott'r city, which is center of their race's spiritual practices. A city known to be the home for Fobott'r poets, religious figures, and pilgrims.[8]



  • The Fobott'r were first mentioned in Webcomic's Strip in 2002.[9]