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This page is dedicated to terms and minor line items mentioned in the Schlock universe. These are short references, that may not warrant a full webpage dedicated to them. Links have been provided to pages that need longer explanations. Minor characters may be entered here if they have brief appearance, but were important.


An AI or Artificial Intelligence is a artificially created being that lives purely in digital settings such as computers and to massive computer matrix. There are different ranges of AI, from simple to the sentient. Many sentient AI have will of their own, usually slaved to it's creators. However, many have been freed to act as they see fit. AI powerful and intelligent enough can be transferred from digital / computer existence to flesh & blood body at will and exist in both digital and flesh realms at the same time.

Ufuimaele "Ufu", example of sapient artificial Intelligence.

AI's speed it uses Intelligence is measured using the Henke-Ventura Scale.


A Battleplate is extremely larger warship developed by the UNS. These massive ships are used a mobile bases for fleets operating from them. Which in it's massive interior houses typically small space city, with shipyard and limited industries. This human built ship was originally intended to protect Earth and other UNS colonized worlds from bombardment.
Battleship are large warships typically used by nation-states to project armed force on others or protect itself. By time of Tagon's Toughs, Battleships are largely seen as obsolete due development of larger ships, such as of the massive Battleplates.


Carriers are warships intended to carry smaller vehicles into combat.
Corvettes are form of light Frigate, which has less weapons and focus on speed. These type of ships are usually smaller than Frigates, among the smallest space going warships.
This is a typical mid-large warship, which used fill out a fleet. Known for their ability to operate independently for long distances and act as a raider. They typically used by military and mercenaries such as the Toughs, which has number of these ships.
Celeschul Orbital Foundries
Abbreviated as "C.O.A.", is the a interstellar shipyard who provides services of maintaining and building starships. It best known producing the Dragon-Class Cruiser.


Destroyers are low to mid-grade warships, usually used to escort larger warships or act as independent ships for it's nation or private owner.
Drivetide Compensation Inertics
Better known as DCI, it is a device created manage gravitational forces from harming individuals onboard space craft traveling at high rates of speed.[1]




Smallest of the interstellar capable warships. These spacecraft usually have small crews and marginal weapons in-comparison to larger armed starships.


Highly advanced personal armor deployed by Tagon's Toughs. A fragsuit consists of a regular suit of low-profile armor surrounded by a second suit of heavy plate armor. Each plate of the second layer is actually a separate, networked, armed and armored drone. The various components of the suit can separate, recombine, maneuver and attack independently in combat, coordinated by a command bracelet worn by the user. A skilled fragsuit user, such as Ellen Foxworthy, can board and capture entire light warships single handed. The suit is not unlike a company of soldiers at the user's command.[2] In addition these suits are embedded with synthetic AIs, which are non-sapient computers that will assist and obey the wearers commands.[3] These suits can act as their own single-soldier drop pod, allowing the wearer to board enemy ships in armored mode with the soldier tucked in the fetal position.[4]

FragSuit operating as a boarding armored vehicle.

Each suit can be customized, including with its own battlefield Fabber, as long as supply raw materials are available.[5]


Gate Clone
This is a term used to describe a person when passing through a F'sherl-Ganni's Wormgate and the individual secretly cloned without their knowledge. This was common unknown practice conducted by the F'sherl-Ganni advent of Teraport technology being introduced to the galaxy at large.
This is the term for a living & artificial life-form's conscious mind. It is what makes a thinking being what they are. Technology in the Schlock Mercenary universe allows the gestalt to be copied and reinserted into living bodies or to be made into functional digital copies in a specialized computer. Highly secretive intelligence organizations use this technology to insert agents into sleeper agents and replace the sleeper's gestalt. [6] This application has been used to resurrect individuals after death.
This a word describes mental development of a Artificial Intelligence being created for a certain task. This is when the programmer gives a set of requirements for the AI to develop a new mentality to handle its role/job. This term was first used in a 22nd Century human book of jargon.[7]

This specialized small warship is used for police and army action. Gunships are small ships (smaller, even, than frigates) with a focus on projecting firepower; for this reason, they are not optimal for extended unsupported missions, although they can be used for such if necessary.


Henke-Ventura Scale
This is a rating used in the measurement of artificial intelligence's speed which they think. This is done on scale from 1 to 10.[8]

Firecontrol Component of the Pa'anuri Hypercannon

This a galactic scale weapon used by the Pa'anuri. This unique weapon uses the power of the Andromeda Galaxy's massive black hole. The weapon harness the power with a ring of wired Antimatter nodes size of a planetary orbit fire's the weapons destructive energy through a wormhole[9] with considerable accuracy with series of "hyper-nodes" and "hyper-scopes"[10] at targets in another galaxy, namely the Milky Way Galaxy.
The hypernet is an interstellar communication array which allows instantaneous communication from across the galaxy. It is often referenced in a manner similar to the internet, though the inhabitants of the Schlock Mercenary universe appear to be much more productive with it than we are.


Infosphere is a futuristic planetary/ship type internet. Difference of this from the normal internet which is that AI users can directly tap there minds into it and see information verses text. In come cases a virtual reality not unlike Matrix. Its unclear if the infosphere works that way for flesh-blood users. Some factions are able to connect their Infospheres via the Hypernet. Starships also have this form of computer system as well. Later in the series, it was shown that both flesh-blood/meat users and digital/virtual users were able to use it. Seeing Holographic 3D world they're minds could understand and see with their mind's eye.
This is a fictional slang when referring to scale of distance covered intergalactic distance. Which is a modification to the term "internationally".


Jurisindependent Security Covenant
Known also as the J.S.C. This is a independent police organization known to be used on Earth. The company is known for it's near religious zeal to it's duty take down criminals without bloodshed. They only accept individuals who are exceptionally clean-cut.[11]




This is a medical rating describing the death of a sapient being, according to severity of the lethal wound and difficulty of reviving them using their Red-Reo life-preserving blood nanites. It's short for "Lazarus Scale."
Laz-1 is when the person is killed by a wound that does not damage the brain. Even before the invention of Red-Reo, a 1-dead person could be reliably saved by medics, as long as their head was preserved promptly.
Laz-2 is when the person is killed by a brain injury. A 2-dead person will lose their short-term memory. Revival from Laz-2 death is possible because the Red-Reo nannies record backups of the person's mind-state in their bones and skin.
Laz-3 is when the brain is destroyed and the body backups are damaged, but within tolerances. A revived 3-dead individual suffers loss of short-term memory and minor damage to long-term memory, and reviving them takes days. [12]
Laz-4 is when the brain is gone, and the body backups are badly damaged. Someone brought back from Laz-4 death may be a completely different person.[13] A 4-dead person with Red-Reo is in the same situation as a 2-dead person without it.
Laz-5 is when the person's entire body is lost or destroyed. A 5-dead person is impossible to revive. However, if they maintained an "asynchronous backup" stored outside their body, they can be re-created exactly as they were when they last updated the backup.[14]
League of Galactics, The
This a political body consisting of interstellar nations in present time schlock universe. It unclear the function of the organization other than as a forum of discussing issues effecting all mutual members. The organization activities are not unlike the "United Nations" which was early form of multi-national organization on Earth in Sol during the Human century, the 20th Century and 21st. The UNS is one of this organization's members.[15] The organization has no military counsel however can influence member state's governments to work with the League's members. [16][17]


M3 Incapacitator
The Urtheep M3 Incapacitator[18] is a large, guaranteed non-lethal firearm used by Earth Police forces, commonly known as a "Potato Gun" or "M3 Tater". The device is a ballistic weapon, which can automatically select and fire different types of non-lethal ammunition depending on the target. It also automatically reports any attempt to tamper with it.[19]
This is a term used by AI & Virtual Sapient beings to refer to the material world of flesh & blood outside the computer. In some cases highly advanced civilizations can transition from one state to the other.[20]
Main Gun
Main gun is a term for primary weapon used on a space going warship. Generally this is considered to be warship's largest or most destructive weapon.
This a form of rocket that is guided weapon. They typically have explosive warhead, while going incredibly fast to it's target. Some weapons have limited intelligence to guide themselves to their target. Missiles equipped with a teraport drive, known as Tera-pedoes, can teleport across interstellar distances to attack their targets, though they can only teleport outside of denial fields.


Nannies are microscopic robots, also known as Nanites. These machines can be used to worker and repair objects, things, and people. They've been known to repair or modify the bodies and brains of humans and other sapients (sometimes maliciously), and even restore them from death.


A Neophant sapient and artificially engineered version of the Elephant, it's initial generation was born in Caf-Tubes.[21] These 5-ton mammals[22] are smaller, stronger, and their three fingered hands they can curl into fist-feet when their not using them. They able stand and walk on their rear legs/hind legs as normal humanoid, but can walk like base-line Elephant. They are generally not well accepted by older generation of intelligence Elephants and humans.[23]
NodeJack Handshake
NodeJack Handshake or more commonalty known as a "Handshake" is AI & computer term for when a computer or sapient AI connects to one another to communicate or interact with one another. This would includes a hostile take over of a system, dominating each other or just simple to speak between friendly/unfriendly AI as if live person has conversation with one another.[24]


This an artificial form of instant chocolate coco. Usually used with beverages. This is also Schlock's favorite thing to eat. This is likely the in-universe parody product to the real world product ovaltine.






This is a nanni-agent which backs up (Copies) the contents a person's mind into their skin. These blood-nannies and can "re-boot" your brain from backup after head trauma.[25]


This is a form of ship that is able to travel between star systems. During the time of the Toughs, these type of vehicles use either use Gateways or use Teraport device to move between the stars on their own.
Synthetic Intelligence (SI)
Artificial Intelligence that are not built smart enough to be self-aware, and thus are not legally protected as sapient beings. They are intended for menial or suicidal applications such as civilian car autopilots or weapon guidance systems; "smart missiles not quite smart enough to think of self-preservation," as the saying goes. They can be smart enough to hold conversations with but are highly obedient.[26]


This is form armored vehicle used by forces such as the Tagon's Toughs and other military forces. They can be size of a person or a normal size vehicle. While not most tanks by the time of the space-going 31st Century Toughs usually use anti-grav and can move same speed as aircraft. They can be used as slow space going vehicles as well.
Term describing when a vehicle or individual is transferred through space to different location using a device called teraporter or teradrive.
Time Clone
A time clone is term used when a individual has return from a future time period and co-exists with previous version of themselves. Time travel unique happened due to event of use of the a special Worm Gate being used to send Kevyn Andreyasn and Schlock into the past to prevent the destruction of the Galaxy at hands of the Pa'anuri.


Slang for evolved animals who have became sapient.[27]


Ventura, Para
Para Ventura is a Tagon's Toughs Roboticist, type scientist who highly trained in her field. She was once a spy for the UNS prior fully becoming member of the Toughs. She since been demoted for her service as a spy the UNS.
Virtual Being
(also can referred to Virtual Person or Digital Being) This is a description of a former biological sapient person who's biological body and mind (waveform) has been separated from one another and placed in a computer system and still has sense of "self". These beings are become not-so different from sapient AI individuals if they have enough computer resources. Normally, they will occupy a Infosphere or a Virtual Reality which is simulating their former biological selves and their places they once lived. In some cases they can transmit their "self" between biological and virtual landscapes. Entire races / species of life forms have become virtual people sake keep save and preserving their minds for countless eons.


This is a interstellar vehicle which is size of a typical Terra/Earth size planet or larger. While not the mandatory a form starship, they typically have sapient lifeforms living on these style of starships are usually ancient and live underneath the planet's surface in a form of AI-like virtual existence. These ships are usually created by races/species wishing leave a galaxy. A number these ships form fleets that would be later be discovered orbiting Milky Way Galaxy forming a ring by sheer number of these ships. These ships have been gathering there for billions of years, eventually being referred to as Belt of the Exodians.[28]





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