Haban II

Haban II (or Haban the Second) was originally an exact duplicate of the bounty hunter Doyt Gyo; a gate-clone created by a F'sherl-Ganni Wormgate. He was not the first gate-clone created by the F'sherl-Ganni for the purposes of interrogation, but he was the first one to escape captivity.

Thanks to the numerous illegal biochemical weapons that he had been given by Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz's "magic" cryokit, he was able to catch the F'sherl-Ganni unawares. After killing several of his captors, he managed to contact Ennesby of Tagon's Toughs, who swiftly mounted a rescue operation. This in turn attracted the attention of the original Doyt Gyo, who joined in the efforts to recover his gate-clone.

Sadly, the effort was in vain. The gate-clone of Doyt Gyo was fatally shot through the brain while making his escape. While the magic cryokit was able to repair his brain with a neural mesh, no trace of Doyt Gyo's intellect remained - instead, the Haban artificial intelligence assumed complete control of the body. Taking on the name Haban II, he swiftly discovered that his access to an organic brain gave him a new perspective. When the original Doyt Gyo decided to remain with Tagon's Toughs, Haban II instead opted to join Admiral Breya Andreyasn instead.

Haban II later eloped with Breya, and the two remain married to this day.