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Corporal Hank "Hob" Obscromble was a member of Tagon's Toughs, serving as their first demolitions specialist. He accompanied the Toughs on many of their early missions, generally alongside the rank-and-file grunts like Burt "Nick" Nicholson and Jeremiah "Shep" Shephard. He was generally shown to be relatively kind and compassionate for a mercenary, and was less than subtle about his attraction toward Ellen "Elf" Foxworthy.

During the mission to retake the luxury liner Princess Tyola, Hob was one of several casualties when he was torn into three pieces by a diamond beetle. Fortunately his life was saved thanks to the quick thinking of Sergeant Schlock, and he subsequently made a full recovery.

Hob met his end during the fateful mission to Ghanj-Ro, where the Toughs were hired to recover new eyes for Sergeant Schlock. During an altercation with Unioc pirates, Hob sacrificed himself to save fifty Carbosilicate Amorphs. Although the Toughs originally assumed that his body was vaporized in an explosion, it was later revealed that he had been thrown by the blast and had died in the process. He was subsequently buried by the Amorphs that he had given his life to save.