Ice Kreely are a six-limbed insect-like species known to inhabit frigid planets, although they are capable of surviving in warmer climates. Kreely only develop sentience if they are exposed to a certain kind of microbe during a certain stage of their life, which has led to a number of moral quandaries in their society.

To many species, juvenile Ice Kreely are considered a delicacy, while others prize them as pets. As a result, non-sentient Kreely are often sold as food or companions - often by their sentient kin. A non-sentient Kreely can still live to be over a century old, and in that time it is said that they can learn to talk, obey commands, and even play chess.


  • Corporal Tbeki and Private Iiki, formerly of Tagon's Toughs, are both sentient Ice Kreely.
  • There is a high morality rate for baby kreelies, where only two or three from a litter survive to become sapient juveniles. [1]
  • During the events of The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, one Ice Kreely slaver installation was raided and destroyed.