Jeremiah "Shep" Shephard is a human mercenary and former member of Tagon's Toughs. During his time with the Toughs, Shep's most distinguishing feature was a visor-like symbiote that compensated for the loss of his eyes. This symbiote not only granted him superior visual acuity, but it also allowed him to physically see through certain degrees of solid matter - an invaluable talent when attempting to fire at targets on the other side of a wall.

Shep served with the Toughs for several years, accompanying them on several of the company's most dangerous missions. Eventually, however, he grew frustrated with the nature of his work, prompting him to retire shortly after the company's conflict with the UNS Morokweng. Equipped with a new set of falsified memories, courtesy of the United Nations of Sol, he returned to his home in Haven Hive to live with his mother.