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Jumpstar Prime City inside the Eina-Afa habitat.

Jumpstar Prime is currently a City-habitat found in the Neoafan Stronghold.  It was originally a fifth generation Tricorn-Class Battleplate[1] confiscated from Project Laz'R'Us[2] and short after be dismantled. The Tagon's Toughs Commander Elf Foxworthy was intending to be named it "Jumpstart Primer".  


The Battleplate, in completed replacement for the UNS Tunguska. The ship was purchased in exchanged for Oafan Warships that Mercenaries were producing since claiming the Oafan artifacts. Once ship was handed over to the Tough's prize crew, they would renamed Jumpstar Prime with Captain Alexia Murtaugh as it's commander. The ship would be Teraported to Eina-Afa Habitat where it was dismantled.[3] Originally the plan by the Toughs to use ship's Frabbers to build Crypt Spiders bots.[4] Murtaugh would over sea the ship's dismantling into a city. The ship would be recycled and converted into habitat and later city. Must the Battlepate's interior buildings would moved to outside location Eina-Afa.[5] The former ship gained the name due to Schlock carving name along it's hull with his Plasma Cannon, with some grammar issues, which the 4 kilometer hull plate was preserved, being last intact of the Battleplate.

Newly named decommissioned Batteplate, Jumpstar Prime.

It serves as the latest base of operations for the Tagon's Toughs, along with centralizing research for the ancient Oafanss. Toughs with the Neoafans enters a contract with the Sanctum Adriot to become the city's law enforcement element, freeing the Mercenaries to focus on military contracts for income. Once enter, the Sanctum deployed a mobile police HQ to the city.[6]

The city would grow as more individuals would come to the city to live, becoming home for large university, which designed lure great minds solve impending problem facing the galaxy.[7]

Notable Locations[]

  • Jumpstar Prime Lyceum - Originally created as a conference on Deep History, the event was expanded with the revelation of ancient civilizations not known to the current population becoming a reality. With urging of Karl Tagon wanting the researches to stay, the Tough Lt with simple question to her old processor Uptorbar "how much doe sit cost a university?", thus the university was born.[8] Karl Tagon would soon be named Chancellor of the University.[9]