Kathryn Flinders (As a Mercenary)

Kathryn Flinders - Human Intelligence agent turn mercenary working with Tagon's Toughs

Character HistoryEdit

Originally her career started as a UNS intelligence officer. She was assigned to the Battleplate UNS Tunguska when it was destroyed by dark matter entities in the Zoojack System. Following this incident Kathryn defected from UNS service, and attempted to lay low by posing as an illegal performance artist on Mall-One in the Sol System.

She subsequently became involved with Tagon's Toughs, who were hired to police the facility. In an attempt to compromise the security they were providing, Kathryn tried (and failed) to seduce Burt "Nick" Nicholson. She was captured alongside the rest of her associates and pressed into accepting a contract for "paid community service".

Through no fault of her own, Kathryn was inadvertently recruited as a bus driver by another group of Tagon's Toughs during a the rescue mission to 3317 Paris.

Kathryn Flinder (Assisting Toughs as Civilian)

Kathryn assisting in the rescue of Karl Tagon

Her bus was destroyed in the process, but following the group's extraction by Petey she was given a replacement luxury bus.
Kathryn Flinders (As freelancer)

Not happy about state of her spacecraft.

The moment her new bus was completed, Kathryn was hired by another group of Tagon's Toughs for a legitimate charter flight to Haven Hive in the Celeschul System. Although she expressed misgivings about the contract, she grudgingly accepted the assignment. Upon arriving at Haven Hive, however, the group quickly came under attack by numerous hired thugs and Ennesby successfully deduced that Kathryn's military background.

Initially, Kathryn used this information to her advantage, leveraging a significantly higher fee from the Toughs as an intelligence adviser. Unfortunately, she soon learned that her new "clients" possessed partially fabricated memories following their skirmish with the UNS Morokweng. In a panic, she immediately cancelled the contract and (under threat of being eaten by Sergeant Schlock) fled the station.

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