Kevyn Andreyasn
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Tagon's Toughs

  • Inventor of the Teraport
  • Only known genuine time-traveler
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The Tub of Happiness


Captain Kevyn Foxworthy (formerly Kevyn Andreyasn) is a human mercenary and an engineering ultra-genius. He has more common sense and faster intuition than anyone of his intelligence properly should. He enjoys tinkering with stuff in his lab, being crazy over such mechanical stuff as the stereotypical nerd, as shown when he discovered Petey could make nigh everything with his fabbers, though his sister Breya had beaten him to it by getting Petey to make dresses for her. His most notable invention, the teraport, eventually led to full-scale warfare spanning the galaxy when it was made open source. Kevyn also built a body for Ennesby, created TAG from scratch and collaborated with Para Ventura to build Lota.

During the Averted Future, Kevyn was promoted to Captain and placed in charge of the Toughs after Kaff Tagon's death. Kevyn was the one who figured out that the Andromeda wormgate could be used as a time machine, and then along with Schlock became one of the two people who used it to save the galaxy. After the Core War, Captain Andreyasn used his knowledge of the future to make a fortune in lottery winnings, and has now retired to live on Celeschul next door to General Karl Tagon. Commander Kevyn from the "real" timeline still works for the Toughs.

Kevyn Andreyasn bears a distinct resemblance to Howard Tayler, the writer of Schlock Mercenary. Unlike Tayler, however, Kevyn is not visually impaired in any way: His glasses are actually vision enhancers that enable him to perceive virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum. In one notable strip, he boasted of having infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, and X-ray vision to Dr. Bunnigus. Said Doctor forced him to cease wearing them when he became captain, but as this confrontation was erased by Kevyn's time-traveling, he retains those abilities in the current strip. One of his epaulets is a disguised 13.75 kiloton antimatter warhead, which almost killed him when it exploded while he was trying to save Tagon; the other is an antimatter-powered tank killer.


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