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Kowalski – Was a human Sergeant enlisted with one of the UNS’s Intelligence Agency commanded by Admiral Emm whom operated as an assassin.

Character Description[]

Tall and well-built muscular human male, who has a sociopath type personality approach doing his work. He enjoys when people call him “A monster” due to his job as a web-work operative, essentially killing people.

Character History[]

Kowalski was introduced in Book 14.

Gavs Infection[]

Faux New Century Rebellion[]

During the time, Admiral Emm assigns Kowalski to assassinate First Speaker Brea to prevent her making contact with the Tagon's Toughs due to her memories being altered. Kowalski is assigned a deep agent to send a Mind-Clone of himself to, code name Mako. After downloading himself into Mako, erasing the original personality of the woman. He assumes duties of a JSC police officer, using it to shadow Breya and the Toughs during the mercenary's escort mission of Neoafan emissaries. However, as he follows the liaison officer, LT Sorlie, there is explosion as where she and Sergent Schlock was meeting Breya. Unfortunately, the opportunity was missed to kill Breya. She was detailed recover evidence and collect statements from the survivors.

Mako would soon find her self assigned to Captain Landon of Internal Affairs, where he tasked her to properly collect statements from Sorlie. In mists of her duties, Mako once again gives chase to a seemly fleeing Sorlie, but she manages to use her M3 weapon to fire sticky goo projectiles at Sorlie capturing her. She then collected info from her, but found her interview interputed by the news who had been tipped with the chase, while Sorlie slipped away with limo the Toughs were using.

Sorlie would soon later be given new orders not to assassinate but to find out the source of the explosions by real Kowalski using Mind-stream. She would later be find her self working with toughs went she came realized she was infected by Blood Nanites, asked for aid from the Tough's doctor to cleanse her of it. They agreed but soon find that with announcement of the Neoafos giving away free technology that would allow for immortality via special blood nanites/memory backs, that building where meeting dipolomats would come under attack from Earth's solar ring, using direct light in destructive matter. The thousands of JSC officers (except for Mako) would be compromised by virual nanties overriding their personality try to fight to over turn the government. Mako would soon be assigned to Lt Sorlie to assist her in trying put end to the attacks.

She would ultimately, die as she guided shots from the Tough's Warship Long Gun to blow up the undercity and the ultimately killing her.

Kowalski on aboard incomplete the Battleplate commanded by Admiral Emm, arries he and Emm escape by mind-cloning their minds to deep sleeper agents in London, while terminating their original bodies. Kowalski would turn on Emm killing her in her new body, for sake freeing himself of the Admiral's control for good.[1]

Capture and Death[]

Captain Sorlie and her crew assign of troops, including attachment of the Tagon Toughs, and JSC Captain Landon storm Kowalski’s safehouse capture him after he disposed of Emm’s body..[2] It turns out that his Mind-Clone inhabiting Mako’s body betrayed him to having change of heart on how to protect civilization and people like “real me” do need to exist.[3] Whom would soon be and remains transferred back to the UNS Popigai.[4] However, Kowalski would get payback against Sorlie and her team when they go on to investigate his office aboard the yet-named ‘’Jumpstar Prime’’ to download files. His payback would come in the form a greeted by explosive. The explosion would end up killing Alexia Murtaugh and injuring JSC Captain Landon.[5][6]