Lota is an AI who was best known as the King of New Credomar. Lota was originally created as a longshoreman (the Longshoreman of the Apocalypse, hence the name), and in fact became king in part to ensure the equitable distribution of the supplies Lota was built to unload. Lota was created by Para Ventura and Kevyn Andreyasn.

Character HistoryEdit

When the Toughs arrived, Credomar was in a state of chaotic anarchy. Thefts, hoarding and even violence were common. Eventually, a riot managed to set off a stockpile of antimatter (!), resulting in a hull breach that could easily have depopulated the station if Lota had not acted swiftly to contain it. Lota decided that enough was enough, and claimed kingship. When a news anchor challenged Lota's seizure of power in a democracy, Lota pointed out that Credomar had not adhered to the results of a free election in living memory anyway (and added that being loud and wearing a microphone does not make one the voice of the people).

After three weeks of Lota's rule, Lota's position was secured in a landslide vote. Lota's consciousness was transferred to Credomar's infosphere after the election, using the station's underused Annie-Plant control systems as the new seat of Lota's intelligence.[1]
Lota (2nd Avatar)

Lota II, replacement avatar to Lota's tank body.

Lota commissioned a detachment of Tagon's Toughs to install teraport modules to move the habitat's entire population off station, cityscape and all. At Kevyn's suggestion, Lota expanded the contract to include the creation of a defense network.[2] Kevyn himself was suspicious of Lota, and ordered Pi to create a contingency plan to assassinate Lota if the robot King turned out to be evil. Lota knew about the plan through the infosphere, but raised no objection since Kevyn was simply being responsibly cautious, and Lota was impossible to assassinate anyway[3]. During the project, Lota's tank body was accidentally destroyed by a perimeter defense, but Lota was unharmed by the loss of the remote-controlled avatar, and simply asked Kevyn build Lota a new one.

Once the defense and evacuation systems were completed, Lota teraported the city of 30 million citizens within the station to a habitable moon near by.[4][5] Lota then reactivated the Discontiguous Particle Acceleration System battle station that the city had been built inside of. Lota's name now stands for Long-Gunner of the Apocalypse. Lota would later use the weapon's power to assist Lota's friends, for instance blasting entry holes into the wreckage of a Pa'anuri Warship to help Tagon's Toughs and the Plenipotent Dominion investigate a galactic menace.[6]

Character NotesEdit

Lota's name came from when Kevyn and Para were asked to build something to help with unloading the supply vessel, and Para said that she could rebuild a recently damaged tank into a longshoreman using only off-the-shelf parts. Kevyn's reply was "No bet. Off my shelf, you could build the Longshoreman of the Apocalypse."

Do not refer to Lota using pronouns, because Lota is too large for such puny words. The only exception is first-person-plural pronouns ("we" and "us"), which Lota allows because they denote comradeship.[7]


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