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Lunesby is an AI who could be considered Ennesby's daughter. Lunesby was first grown during interactions between Ennesby and the computer systems of the Nectaris City Licensing Bureau on Luna during the Toughs' "clear the line" gig, and has since infiltrated virtually the entire Luna government infosphere. She has been modifying and slimming down the byzantine Luna bureaucracy ever since her inception, describing herself as a cross between a social worker and a reform-agenda bureaucrat.

Lunesby was one of the AI gestalts brought back from the Averted Future by Captain Kevyn and mini-Schlock just prior to the Core War. She proved instrumental in the Core War, using her control of the UNS infosphere to expedite the deployment of fifty-one Battleplates and twenty-two hundred other capital ships to the Core.

The UNS, when it found out about the "Ghost in the Machine", sent agents to hunt Lunesby down and delete her. Schlock, whom Lunesby hired to get her out, was compromised by the UNS. However, he successfully subcontracted the rescue to an acquaintance, Jud Shafter, and some fellow amorphs. Lunesby is currently at large.