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Warship, Maxim 39.

Maxim 39 (TT12) was a support frigate belonging to the Tagon's Toughs mercenary company. It was commanded by Captain Kevyn Foxworthy.

Ship Features[]

Maxim 39 was a Daysun-Tingo hull. She was equipped with redundant suites of milspec fabbers and two laboratories for the personal use of Captain Foxworthy, one of which was supposed to be secret.[1]

Maxim 39 was rated as a V7 on the Planet Mercenary classification system, indicating that despite her support role, Maxim 39 was well-armed for her size.[2]

Ship History[]

The Tagon's Toughs acquired Maxim 39 shortly following their mission to Uli-Oa.

Captain Foxworthy originally wanted to name the ship Maxim 14 ("Mad science means never stopping to ask 'What's the worst thing that could happen?'") but the rest of the company opposed the name, feeling that it would be an encouragement for "reckless engineering". Instead, Foxworthy chose Maxim 39 ("There's a difference between spare parts and extra parts") because of the ship's repair capabilities.[1]

Maxim 39 was destroyed by the Pa'anuri hypercannon during a relief mission in the Uuple System, which was its second mission and the first one where it saw serious use.[3]