Nanotechnology is one of the most ubiquitous technologies in the Schlock Mercenary universe, second only to gravy. Nanites (referred to as nannies) are used in dozens of applications. Nanny-bags can maintain a severed head for hours, nanny-cams can hide a broadcasting camera inside a person's eye, and bloodstream-based nannies are used in both standard soldier-boosts and Project Laz'R'Us. Nanites are also used in nanomotile substances such as boomex and goober.

Nanotech has a dark side: it's possible to weaponize nannies to hideous effect. Nanoweapons can devour matter (or people) to reproduce themselves, poison an area against future use, maliciously rewrite organic or mechanical brains, or hide inside a person's body to reach their target before suddenly bursting forth. Only the most ruthless and unscrupulous individuals stoop to using nanoweapons.