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The Oafa are a very old sentient race from a metal-rich water world, appearing as flying or floating monochromatic hydrogen-filled ellipsoids with dorsal tentacles. They apparently developed an extremely efficient method of producing PTU's, a method apparently "thousands of times more efficient" than current means.


Known Ancient History[]

Ancient Oafas were galactic archeologist in their later years prior to their disappearance. Their disappearance was induced by a fear of relics found behind. They discovered history of ancient galactic civilizations rising then disappearing to nearly 100% extinction.[1]

After their disappearance Oafans left behind assets and weapons across the galaxy. Some of their technology would fall into the hands of others, such as the Obb'enn. It would throught time reveal that ancient Oafans could use gravity and other technologies to manipulate things on grand galactic scale such use stars and consume them for resources.[2]

Rise of the Neofans[]

They went extinct millions of years ago, but were reengineered about five hundred years ago as the Neoafa, and now populate the Neoafan Stronghold. They communicate with each other using a combination of sign language and ballast, and with other species using a translator visible as a small device visible on their faces where a humanoid nose would be. Neoafa originally seemed which had a high IQ, however had a child-like like mentality when first encounter, but through interactions with Tagon's Toughs, they received implants that raised their IQ that of normal adult.[3]

The Neoafa Freehold/Stronghold would end up being allied with the Plenipotent Dominion.[4]

Neoafans would work with the Toughs to try recovery more of their ancient Oafa memories by manufacturing millions of robot Crypt Spiders to read the "Scrolls" of the dead Oafa bodies.[5] Among these scrolls of the dead, they would discover one who was essentially a librarian and was directly involved the creation of Eina-Afa. This massive being, named, Yaeyoefui, would soon be the key to finding out what happened to the ancient Oafans.[6]

Neofree Freehold & Jumpstar City[]

Neoafans would publish in UNS year 3099, publication on how indefinately extend lives of people of the galaxy.[7] This was partially to counter issues raised by the weaponized version of their technology called the Project Laz'R'Us by the Humans.


  • Oafa and Neoafa have a hive like mind, being linked to one another but they do have their own personalities. Neoafa after coming into contact with the Toughs, absorbed part of the memories of ancient Oafas, thus sharing their memories like reading a diary.[8] Oafa memories are embedded into their skin and can be read after their death. These corpses resemble paper scrolls once used by ancient humans.[9] Their bodies are not unlike balloons fill with very explosive hydrogen gas which allows them to float.[10]

Notable Characters of the Race[]

  • Hioefua Far-Wanders - Hioefau is a representative of the Neoafa whom contacted the Tagon's Toughs contact them to clear out their ancient space station of unwanted predators.
  • Mala, Meld-Minister - Mala was the ambassador assigned to go to Earth as part of the Neoafa's delegation to sell warships to the UNS. Mala has a slice of the Hive-Mind, which connects her to collective, whom listening to conversations she has. However she can control what she shares.[11]
  • Yaeyoefui, the Librarian - Ancient oafa resurrected by the Toughs and Neoafans. He would have the knowledge of the past surpassing all others, relays the distressing news of mass extinctions prior to his races disappearance.[12] His appearance in human's 31st Century would be his fourth revival.[13] He sometimes referred to in sort by human friends as Yaeyo.

Assets & Fleet[]

The Oafa once was wide spread race. Once the Oafa was resurrected from the dead of their Digital-Crypt, they reclaimed much once was theirs.

Notable Places[]

  • Eina-Afa - Mega-sized Large Space Habitat, last known intact originally built by the original Oafas. Which has survived millions of years, reclaimed by engineered successors to the Oafas, Neoafas, and the original race.


The following are types of ships that have been and still are in service with the Oafa. All starships of the Oafa, like other ships, are piloted by AI.

  • Oafa Corvette - Smallest known Warship, the golden jelly bean shaped vessel are typically larger than most vehicles designated as a Frigate or Destroyer. These ships are notable for being designed to be hollow due to biologically how Oafans float. These ships can be armed with Gravy Guns and Long Guns. Prior to the race's resurrection, number these ships fell into hands of the Tagon's Toughs. Ships in service of the Toughs would be modified with Teraguns.
  • Oafa Carrier - While not officially designated by name or type of ship, these large Acorn shaped ships typical play the role as main combatant and spacecraft carriers. Smaller ships, including dozens of Corvettes, are undocked from it's mid section, while smaller craft have launch bays. These ships, however, typically do not come equipped with Long Guns. Other navies, such as UNS, have referred to the ship as the Breath-Class, due to notoriety of the Tagon's Toughs own Carrier, Breath Weapon.
  • Mega-Freighter / Tera-Cage Ship - Easily the largest type ship of the Oafan fleet. They are spherical in shaped, and it's entire hull splits in half to unload contents of the massive cargo hold. These vessels were once though of original though to be mega-freighters by the people of the 31st Century. These ships soon to proved to be massive mobile Teraport Cages, to allow for directed massive objects to a destination.