The Ob'enn, also known as "psycho-bears", are an extremely militaristic and expansionist species native to the Tause system. Their stated goal is the subjugation and eventual purging of every race other than themselves, starting with anyone foolish enough to call them cute. For most of their history they have been at war with the reptilian Kssthrata, also native to the Tause, which ended when the Kssthrata used the newly-invented teraport to move their entire civilization to an empty planet far away from psycho-bear space.[1]

The Ob'enn's xenophobia appears to be a cultural thing rather than anything fundamentally wrong with the species. The Fleetmind is currently attempting to build a gentler Ob'enn society and at the same time has more or less broken the main nation's power; ironic given that Petey was once one of their own Thunderhead-class Superfortresses.



  1. The Staff of Unyielding Order is also referred to as the Staff of Unrelenting Order.


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