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Oisri is a satellite of mysterious origin. Thought to be a storehouse of unthinkable knowledge by The Gavs and an Annie-plant of unthinkable size by the UNS, its discovery drew attention from all corners of the galaxy.

Physical description[]

Oisri's true surface (not counting its crust of icy sediment) is heavily textured at all observable scales. There's ranges of hills and ridges, rippled and rock-and-pebble texturing on the ripples. These rock-and-pebble are further textures with pits and grains, and in turn to have textures at the microscopic and molecular levels. This is described as some form of fractal storage system.[1]

With (at least) six levels of encoding across 32-million square kilometers of surface area, and 3 gigabytes per square centimeter, this may have enough ifn

The only other feature is a perfectly flat section on the planet, which appears to be an optical interface.

Oisri has a very high mass and density, enough to give it a crushing surface gravity. However, it uses a gravy "grav-mask" to partially cancel gravity's pull at close range, giving itself a surface gravity slightly less than Earth's.

The UNS's special ops using Blood-nanites attempt to take the artifact for themselves, however the Tagon's Toughs assided to protect it for the Gavs manage to fend of the attempt, by their renegade AI's using the Pa'anuri inside the surface of Oisri to destroy the Battleplate. Later it was surmised by Petey, that this was means of creating Pa'anuri.[2]


Numerology was a known feature of Oisri, used to demonstrate that there is something special about the derelect planet.

  • The radius of Oisri's Grav-Mask is exactly 2063 times her radius.
    • 2063 is the 311th prime number.
    • 311 is the 64th prime number,
    • 64 is 26
  • Osiri Dig Base performes single light pulses to positions 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55. This is the Fibonacci sequence.

Note that a comic back in Resident Mad Scientist mentioned that there's no answers in coincidental numerology.[3]