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Pa'anuri Warship fighting off Ally forces. Note that Dark Matter seen here is not normally visible to the naked eye.

A Pa'anuri Warship is a planet-sized construct designed to aid Pa'anuri soldiers in battle against baryonic-matter foes, such as us. However, it is Suspected that these warships retrofitted WorldShips captured by the Pa'anuri during their conquests.[1]

The ships consist of a cage-like spherical structures several thousand miles across[2], festooned with weapons, point defenses and shielding[3].[4] Vast though it is, a Pa'anuri warship is actually smaller than its pilot. Unlike a human-style warship (which entirely replaces the physical capabilities of its crew), a Pa'anuri warship functions more like a battlesuit, increasing and complementing its wearer's capabilities to keep them alive while they go about the business of personally wreaking havoc. The one warship that has appeared so far had no apparent drive, relying on the Pa'anuri soldier's own movement capabilities, and its main weapon was the soldier's gravity well and dark-matter arts[5]. These warships are able to manipulate large objects such as planets and fling them as weapons. It's hull is hundred of meters thick.[6] The two hundred and twenty meter thick hull consists of opens spaces[7] which allows artificially created baryonic beings created by Pa'anuri to do it bidding of the soldier.[8]

The interior of a Pa'anurian Warship with it's crew.

While soldier occupying the ship is not present, the ship has other defenses, such as form of Non-Bary type of missiles capable destroy large warships with dart like anti-matter missile.[9]

Interaction with the Soldier's Warship is possible through a special cable embedded with annie plants that provides a gravitational bottle like connection between the Pa'anuri and Baryonic matter of the Warship itself.[10][11]

Ship provides its crew regenerative effects, healing them.[12][13]

Even if the Pa'anuri pilot is killed, a Pa'anuri warship remains a tremendously dangerous object. The one that attacked the Xuvoth system withstood a nova-scale explosion at point-blank range[14] and continued fighting by itself, destroying multiple major warships including a Carbon-class Battleplate[15].

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Size comparison of a Pa'anuri Warship to a Giant Ice Planet. Note this how a Warship appears without special sensors to see the Dark matter.