Pel "Ebby" Ebbirnoth is a member of the Unioc race. He was presumably recruited into Tagon's Toughs after their mission to Ghanj-Rho. This is somewhat unusual, given that the Toughs had just finished a vicious conflict against Unioc pirates. Despite any misgivings, however, Ebbirnoth has proven himself to be an asset to the Toughs time and time again.

There is some confusion in regards to Pel Ebbirnoth's name, as "Pel" may be an honorific title among Uniocs. Ebbirnoth may have been preceded in the Toughs by another Unioc named Junshodan, but given that "Jun" is the Unioc word for subordinate and that Shodan is Ebbirnoth's direct superior, it is more likely that Junshodan and Pel Ebbirnoth are the same individual.