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Penetrator-class vessels are the primary means by which Petey the Fleetmind takes over Thunderhead-class vessels. Powered by a 60-meter annie-plant, the vessels are reusable breacher missile/boarding vessels. Or, at least, they're reusable in theory; names like "Predictably Damaged V" speak to a notably low average mission count. Penetrators are capable of knocking out a Thunderhead's primary annie-plant without destroying the vessel, and dropping a PD clone body inside a mini-tank. They attack at better than .99 lights, relying on Devastator gravy-tractors for the energy-hungry final acceleration and initial deceleration.

Known Penetrators[]

  • Priority Delivery
  • Painstakingly Defenstrated
  • Predictably Damaged I, II, III, IV, V
  • Predictably Damaged IV (presumed)