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Petey is a powerful independent AI whom became sapient over course years working with Tagon's Toughs as their warship's AI. He subsequently subsumed a sizeale of other AIs and formed his own interstellar nation which would control a sizable part of the galaxy's core.

Character History[]

Early Life working for the Ob'enn[]

Originally a Ship's AI of a Thunderhead-class SuperFortress named Sword of Inevitable Justice. Like most AIs, his name is same as the name of his ship. His ship was was originally commissioned as part of the Ob'enn military as the Flagship of the Third Fleet in service of the Ninth Tausennigan Ob'enn Empery.[1] However, the ship was taken over by the Kssthrata with the help of a traitor, whom wiped out the entire crew in the savage battle. The thousands of ship's crew corpses were flushed into the Sword's waste system. It would take a high-pressure gas line to clear the resulting blockage. Due to some bizarre quirk of hydrodynamics, the gurgling of the air trapped in the plumbing sounded exactly like an evil voice saying things like "YOUR SOULS ARE MINE", which caused the Kssthrata crew to abandon it and Petey would be left to go insane.[2][3]

In Service of the Tagon's Toughs[]

With convincing to attempt to Petey's persona, Ennesby convinced to assist restore sanity to him.[4] By this time, Petey would be awoken from his slumber of being shutdown by Ennesby.[5] Having no one speak with for long time, Petey reduces his massive appearance in the ship's Infosphere so he can converse with Ennesby.[6]

First appearance of Petey.

He reveal to Ennesby he been running simulations during his slumber of the probability of the plumbing being the source of the voices which lead to him believing the ship was haunted.[7] Petey is convinced to destroy the ship would be only way to forget, hijack Ennesby's body to accomplish this. However, he falls short of the goal, thanks to Doyt.[8] he would first show his metal, in the Tough's first mission using the Teraport for the first time, devising new strategy taking advantage of the technology.[9]

Petey over the course time working with the Toughs would soon be restored to degree so his insanity would not intervene with his responsibilities operating the Fortress. With orders from Kaff Tagon as Captain, repress and delete urges to think about thoughts that lead himself to his insanity.[10] However, despite the orders, he still believes in ghosts.[11] Petey would soon given honor to rename his ship by the Toughs as the Post-Dated Check Loan.[12] He himself after the renaming, would go by ship's shorten name PDCL or better pronounced as "Petey" by Captain Tagon.[13]

In course of his service, he personal growth would change him. In war with the Gatekeepers and in the aftermath of the Battle of the Buuthandi, he would unify his AI mind with other ships of the fleet to form the Fleetmind. Which would be signs of things to come, where he would soon develop ambitions of liberating AIs from their servitude to flesh-blood sapient beings.

During the 'paid five times' Tough Job, his ship became the second vessel ever to be equipped with a teraport, and reputation using the then new device ended up getting him banned from entering Sol System.

However, Petey's ship old masters, the Ob'enn using their agents acquire the him and the Fortress espouse. The Toughs manage to escape the ship by taking one of the Troop carriers. The Ob'enn agents would cause the ship untimely demise by cancelling Petey's standing orders which were keeping himself sane and cause Petey return to insanity and ultimately destroying himself and the Ob'enn agents.

Survival and rise of the FleetMind[]

In an attempt to become permanently sane, Petey had been building a living HV-1 copy of himself. This "meatey-Petey" survived the ship's destruction in a minitank, and was recovered by the Ob'enn ship Scepter of Unrelenting Pain. He immediately began building himself up into what would eventually become the Fleetmind.

Plenipotent Dominion[]

Having built up FleetMind, changing it from collective of ships to interstellar nation state, Plenipotent Dominion. Petey, would declare himself the supreme ruler.

During this time, he would shepard biological lifeforms as well as independent AIs to work with him or undertake tasks. As the Dominion's leader, he would use its resources try guide the people galaxy from more destructive paths. Sometimes employing the old mercenary friends on special jobs. He would setup cities near the center of galaxy's core, where he would establish his power base in the form a Core Generator. Which gives him and his Dominion unlimited power and power projection.
However, Petey would turn his attention to what soon would turn out to be ancient threat to all life in the galaxy.

War with Pa'anuri[]

Hidden threat largely unknown to the modern races of the Milkyway Galaxy. Pa'anuri had been keep quiet due to use of non-destructive Wormhole Gates. However, with introduction of the Teraport Drive, the Pa'anuri would become active again. Petey now seeing himself and his Dominion as only way to fight the returning ancient race begins a race build up the other ally races as well as his own.

The two nations clash as each as harvested the massive blackhole in center to use intergalactic weapons of mass destruction by shooting anti-matter across space at one another or using it do powerful Teraports to employ troops & ships.