Putzho is a former Gzeaul turned AI/Virtual Being whom ended up working the Plenipotent Dominion as friend and advisor to Petey.

Character HistoryEdit

Working for Urtheep IndustriesEdit

Putzho started in life as a green tinted Gzeaul. He first appeared working for RDX department of Urtheep Industries.[1]

He was assigned to the Urtheep Industries's efforts extract data from a large planetoid artifact named by the company as Object 4118-6. Clever with computer code, he was assigned the picket ship, Jozagle's Purse. The team he would surmise that it is a Stellar Enclosure, which is form of data storage on a planetary scale.[2]

However, crew of Putzhos ship would end up being killed by owners of Object 4118-6, used against his former employers.[3] Tagon's Toughs would be later hired to pursue Jozagle's Purse.[4] However, his jacked body and other crews piloted the ship back to the Sol Star system, where it promptly crashed on the planetoiod Bacchus with the Toughs in process of tracking the ship down.[5]

Afterlife in the ALL-STAREdit

Crews of the Tzundigo, the cargo freighter Putzho's ship destroyed would meet with him[6] in the virtual world seemly looking like afterlife.[7] Putzho had experimented with the environment shortly after arriving, determining that it was not the natural world. Like The Tzudigo' crew, was murdered by some kind entity tied in with Object 4118-6.[8] He and the other determined that they are in the 4118-6 and they've become virtual people, after the crew of the former captain of the Jozagle's Purse reveals his scans into the planetiod showed it to be massive stellar enclosure of giant computer powered by a red dwarf sun.[9] Putzho scanning the surroundings, determined the gigantic tree dominating the scene was image pulled from their minds of the God-Tree from their race's Religious writes[10] and challenges it to have it speak to them.[11] He would soon get response from the Tree-God as he catapults from it's mountains to small hill where the crews has gathered, introducing himself as Everness.[12] Everness explains to Putzho and the others they are now waveforms of their formerselves in the Object 4118-6 known to his people as the ALL-STAR.[13] Everness told Putzho and the others that they were Meatjacked, removing/digitalizing their minds removed from their bodies and replaced with AI "Agents" in their bodies designed to keep the ALL-STAR's presence secret at all cost including killing anyone who found about it. However, Everness's superior named Ulaque would take over and personally brief each of Putzho fellow crew individually he dissolves virtual environment.[14] Putzho demonstrates his full awareness of his situation, that he has been allotted hardware run his mind, limitations that could be imposed on him by editing his mind by his hosts.[15] His hosts shows his hardware is slice of biological strain of process part of the ALL-STAR's mind.[16] He with receives with his permission direct upload of how ALL-STAR works. After shunning the temptations of virtual fulfillment of enjoying eternal relationships that other crewsmembers have decides to embrace, Puthuz sheds his biological urges for deeper fulfillment of the ALL-STAR.[17] Putzho impresses the ALL-STAR enough find he capable of being a healthy thinking member of the ALL-STAR citizenry. He is rewarded him upgrade in brain/processing power effectively giving him larger brain as they give him a briefing of situation developing in aftermath of his detainment by the ALL-STAR[18] and inducted into the ALL-STAR's Cadre of Strategic Engineers.[19]

In his briefing with other Engineers of the Cadre, he told that mission to wiped out all information about the ALL-STAR's whereabouts evolved from a passive mission into a volient first strike mission.[20]

Mission to save ALL-STAR and the GalaxyEdit

Putzho is given brief history of the ALL-STAR, stating why the all-in-one civilization keeps to itself and actively wipes out any sign of themselves. As they fought a self-destructive war when they offered uplift other civilizations into the ALL-STAR, triggering wars against themselves and later named Pa'anuri. Putzho decides undertake the unspoken question of a one-way mission save the ALL-STAR and his former brethren. Being given a warship and equipment to do that job, he uplinked into his new vessel as it's master and AI.[21] His supercruiser's navigational system self-destructed after randomly Teraporting it across space and away from where the ALL-STAR is located.[22] Putzho would introduce himself as the crew of the Breath Weapon was discussing situation in the Urtheep space station. He would inform them he a member of the ALL-STAR cadre of engineers, he would end up providing a solution to the problem on the station. He would also meet Petey for the first time.[23]

Putzho (as projection)

Putzho introducing himself for first time to the Toughs and Petey.

He would deploy cleverly designed Teraport Cage form of a missile and remove the ALL-STAR agents from Urtkeep Industries' Infosphere.[24] The Agents whom were also the ones who uploaded Putzho and his fellow Gzeaulians they had gone off script of objects betting on they knew Putzho would be one to coming from them preventing the outbreak of Galactic-scale war and felt they could be put into stasis until time they were needed again.[25] Thz tells Putzho that Probability Manifold (a AI assistant) had been given to him and placed on his ship. Quickly returning to his supercruiser, it turns out Ewin, the AI that first meet him on ALL-STAR was assigned to him to help predict future situations.[26]
Ewin (AI Assistant to Putzho)

Ewin, AI Assistant / Probability Manifold to Putzho.

Later YearsEdit


  • It is unclear as of this writing if Putzho's brain is still a 12-liter biological strand brain tissue from the ALL-STAR or something completely new.
  • While working with Petey during the Outer Uupan Crisis, Putzho shows he can switch between virtual to physical bodies. His full size biological body has been referred to as "fully organic size four ".[27]


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