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Sergeant in Motion - being named by it's new captain.

Ship Description[]

The Sergeant in Motion is a former Pa'anuri Warship which was captured by Sergeant Schlock of the Tagon's Toughs mercenary company.

As a former Pa'anurian an Warship, the ship has large quantity of unspecific cannons, missiles[1], and other anti-vehicle/personal weapons along it's "surface". The ship uses Teraport system move system to system and utilized a Galactic Core Generator to move intergalactic space prior to it's capture. It's captain effectively is converted mentally from his bary form via cybernectic connections reform into Pa'anuri form after it's Teraporting.[2]

Known Ship History[]


What is known about the ship is, like other ships of the Pa'anurian Navy, it is a former Worldship of unknown origin. It was gutted and converted into a hollowed out skeleton of it's former self so it could be used as a "Ship". It movement governed by the Pa'anurian Soldier who pilots/captains it. The Pa'anurian warrior uses his natural abilities to manipulate gravity waves to move the ship.

Capture by Schlock[]

The ship itself was captured while Pa'anuri were preparing to deploy a fleet as part of the invasion the Milkway Galaxy, starting with the Plenipotent Dominion. Unbeknownst of ship's crew, Sergeant Schlock had accidentally been transported to the ship from the former Dominion Outpost where it's Dronuri crew were being "made".

Once onboard, Schlock uses his FragSuit's Synthetic AI and it's battlefield Fabber to manufacture equipment he needed to eventually take over the ship. However, before he could fully take over the ship, it along with the fleet of Pa'anurian Warships of "Group 5" are transported to the Milkway Galaxy as part their planned invasion.[3]

Using his Suit's AI "Cindy", the Sergeant manages to plugin his mind into the ship[4] and himself is converted with help into a Pa'anurian thanks having eaten some of the Dronuri whom themselves were Pa'anurian in flesh form.[5]

In Service of Schlock and the Fight to save the Milkyway Galaxy[]

His ship was part of the Group 5 fleet, once Schlock had fully taken control of the ship. He would proceed to fight the other Pa'anurian Ships of the fleet that were sent with own ship[6][7]. After defeating them, he would connect with the other Toughs and Schlock's warship would designated as the flagship of the League of Galactics coalition of warships to fight in the Dominion. This is Schlock decided to name his ship the Sergeant in Motion.[8]

In the course of the fight, Schlock would be force to "Separate" from the Ship itself defend Node 3 from enemy Fleet. He would be forced to leave Commodore Karl Tagon adrift on the ship due to efforts of digitized Pa'anurian soldiers whom were trapped in the ship's Infosphere. The soldiers secretly leaked the ship's location to the their allies.[9][10]


  • It's not clear if the ship has a pennet number or it's even part of the Tagon's Toughs officially.