Tanks are docked at center top

The Serial Peacemaker was the third ship owned by Tagon's Toughs, following the destruction of the Post-Dated Check Loan. Originally a standard Ob'enn dropship, it was modified to create living space, add more and better armament, and replace all AI equipment with off-the-shelf processors. Ennesby loaded himself into these during a security test, and convinced Kevyn and Captain Tagon to let him stay.

The Serial Peacemaker participated in the hunt for Breya Andreyasn, the toppling of General Xinchub, the Fleetmind-Ob'enn war, and the Averted Future. It was destroyed in the Core War[1], although Ennesby survived as his old "maraca-node". The ship was replaced with the Touch-and-Go.


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