TAG was the first shipmind of the Touch-and-Go. He was originally programmed by Kevyn Andreyasn to be an emotionless, humorless tactical automaton, but found that passion, humor, anger, and a wide range of other meatspace artifacts were critical to understanding the wide range of opponents he might face. He also came with a creepy, menacing "zombie voice", although Tagon eventually ordered him to knock it off. TAG was well-liked by the crew, who described him as "spooky and aloof, and developing a twisted sense of humor". He also had a Schlock-like enthusiasm for violence, although the Toughs tend to consider that an asset.

TAG participated in the all the Touch-and-Go's missions, suffering damage just prior to the Mission to Credomar, possibly as a result of UNS tampering with his memories. During the Mission to Credomar, TAG suffered an identity crisis caused by programming conflicts within his personality overlays, and his actions taken to save the ship. Repair attempts were fruitless, and eventually TAG was replaced as shipmind with Tagii.

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