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Tagon's Toughs are the mercenary company central to Schlock Mercenary. The Toughs were founded on Celeschul by Captain Kaff Tagon, and they are currently based on Jumpstar Prime.  Overall command entire company is Commodore Karl Tagon,  Father of  Kaff Tagon.

Basis History[]

A Small Band of Mercenaries[]

Toughs was originally a small, hard-scrapping mercenary company. The unit consisted of 3 platoons and a warship with personnel and equipment, led by Captain Kaff Tagon and his small staff of officers. There is not much information regarding the company's earlier missions prior to Schlock, carbosilicate amorph mercenary joining the Toughs. The company's tough financial times caused it to be "purchased" by Breya Andreyasn whom declared herself "Admiral", along her "mad" scientist brother Kevyn Andreyasn.

The Toughs' earlier adventures consist of jobs which most mercenary outfits would not take. These early jobs were comedic in the nature of the webcomic's early years.

Teraport Wars[]

Kevyn Andreyasn is a tinkerer and would soon discover a method to work around the Wormhole gates that permit interstellar travel, named the Teraport. Kevyn would - instead of monopolizing control of his discovery - release it to the general public, triggering massive unrest in the known settled galaxy, called the Teraport Wars. The company at this time had expanded, having purchased a very used Thunderhead-Class SuperFortress Warship, operated by the AI known as Petey.

The company would continue to change as it goes though change over personal as its fortunes had rise and fall. Former owner, Admiral Breya Andreyasn would contract the Toughs to work with her coalition of warships attempting to end fight with the Gatekeepers, soon discovering the mass cloning of individuals passing through the gate. The discovery of the cloning side effect would end up creating the unusual single human person race called the The Gavs and cloning Kevyn, however preventing him from being killed permanently due to his original self being murder at the hands of UNS guards attempting get the technology of the Gatekeepers for themselves.

UNS Conscripted Service[]

The company unique ability to get intro trouble with various factions, including hidden political in the UNS would force them their service or risk death, initially by renegade General Xinchub. The Toughs would attempt number times to escape the General's control however, he would continue reign them in due to some mistake done by the Toughs. However, eventually they manage to capture and beach him on a world where he and the Tough's Xinchub's supervising Officer.

During this time, the company would confront new threat in wake of the Teraport Wars, Pa'anuri. Whom would begin to effect many aspects. The Pa'anuri would turn out to be larger threat in later years.

Different faction within the UNS soon discover that the secret Xinchub had been keeping would be exposed to the toughs, almost having them killed. However, they would be spared barring their memories being wiped and they would be working the debts of rescuing their ship, Touch-and-Go to the UNS.

Eina-Afa Mission[]

The Captain Tagon's father, Karl Tagon, encounters a representative of the Neofa[1] who urges him to contact Toughs to take on a mission for them.[2] Their planetary size spacestation orbiting a dying Red Dward is infested by critter, they hired the job after the company is on the verge of retiring from mercenary service.[3]

Within the sphere the Toughs gain access to new ships and equipment expanding their company to small fleet when Ennesby and newly restored Tagii negotiating with the station's ancientAI, T'kkkuts-Afa, translated in as "Broken Wind", to cease hostilities and gain some spacecraft.[4] Each ship, would by a Captain. By this time Kaff Tagon felt he was unable to lead such massive organization, so he drafts his father, former UNS General Karl Tagon, into company to be it's Commodore. Using ancient and powerful ships, allied with AI's who had joined the company as equal partners / employees of the Toughs. The Toughs soon would acquire incompleted Battleplate re-work it into a city called, Jumpstar Prime. A mix human & neoafan city would take shape from guits of the former UNS warship.

Uli-Oa Mission[]

The Neoafans hire Toughs to provide escort to the ancient Oafa world known as the "World Forge". The Forge turned out to be a valuable artifact from ancient Oafa history. Neoafans dispatching team of researchers working with UNS to the star system. Neofans fear that the scientists will leak out the wearabout of the artifact and required the Toughs keep them save.[5] Mission to secure the artifact gets more complicated when the its discovered colony of Esspererins had planted world tree on the Forge. They would negotiate to allow them to explore and share profits with Esspererian Colony.[6] Eventually Esspererin colony would be fracture by civil war, getting the Toughs involved in the conflict.

Intermediate Years[]

By this time, Pa'anuri had become larger threat to the Milkyway galaxy, however it is countered by Petey, whom had since left the Toughs and formed the FleetMind (merged with AI & their Ships) eventually evolving in it into his own galactic nation, Plenipotent Dominion. Periodically the Dominion would hire the Toughs to do small tasks. The Dominion would develop new techniques allow for preservation of life, backing up living people and restoring their bodies and copies of their minds.

Toughs fortunes would falter as the dead race whom had owned the Dyson Sphere had turned out to be not-quite-dead, reclaiming most the hardware and lands the Toughs had claimed. Toughs would end up working off their depth to them as part way stay in business.

Critical Missions Across the Galaxies[]

Due to the prevalent of digital/biological clone technology, Kaff Tagon would volunteer and number of scholars to undertake one-way mission to the outside of the edge of the galaxy to attempt figure out mystery why ancient civilizations were fleeting the Milkyway.[7] In order undertake this massive energy dependent mission, digital clones the volunteers would be sent in the tiny exogalaxtic starship, Pursuing Dinosaurs.

Eventually the conflict with the Pa'anuri comes to crisis point, as using Long Gun technology, began strike and destroys the Dominion's means fend off annihilation by the Pa'auri. In a desperate act, the remaining part of the Toughs would be wisked away on a desperate mission by Petey to the Andromeda Galaxy to sabotage the Pa'anuri's allies and facilities, lead by Captain Kaff Tagon aboard the Cynthetic Certainty.[8]

While on Jumpstar Prime, the scholars and some of the toughs would end up forming a educational institute or think tank, as part effort to resolve outstanding issues the galaxy was facing, lead by Karl Tagon as it's chancellor.[9] However, the Commodore joins the Breath Weapon, on its mission to investigate the wreck of the Pa'anuri Warship, the coalition had fought and barely won.[10]






Vehicles and Equipment[]

The Tagon's Toughs as employ robots and armored vehicles. These vehicles range from light uniform battle armor to large space going Outrider Tanks.

The larger 12 ton[11] Outrider Tanks are able to operate in space as well as on the ground. They can be used as combat spacecraft and can be used to shoot down in bound missiles, such as Breecher missiles.[12] Tanks are usually organized in squadrons when they operate together.[13] Which operate with smaller Mini-Tanks and infantry in light battle armor.[14] The daily wear, the Fullerene uniform, is capable of flight, EVA in space, thanks to it's micro-annie plants, integrated exoskeleton and other features.[15]

In later years, highly modular Fragsuits would eventually surpass the Heavy Battle Armor as choice of armor. The latest version of these suits, Mark III,[16] are fitted with non-sapient AIs that guides the suit's flying modules conform to the user's body type and can be adjusted mission requirements. From being launched into space from a warship to breaking up into mobile fire support weapons detached from the main body. Additional innovations includes, mini-battlefield Fabber to furthe enhance it's performances as long materials are available to be converted.


  • Note: Sergeant in Motion and Scrapyard of Extemporaneous Assembly has not been given an official Tagon's Tough registration number. Its assumed that they are TT-14 & TT-13.


  • During the events of Schlocktoberfest 2001, grunts by the name of Bob, Book, and Krish assist in the retaking of the Princess Tyola. They never appear on-panel, and are never mentioned again.


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