Tailor is a special-purpose AI attached to the Toughs. He was originally a gift to Kaff Tagon from his father, Karl Tagon, and Petey. As his name suggests he is a purpose-made tailor robot, but has proven to be a capable armorer as well. Tagon hated Tailor at first, believing him to be a spy for his estranged father, but has since warmed up to him and now considers him part of the crew. He is now in charge of all the crew's uniforms and armor.

Tailor has two arms but only one hand, a hand which can transform into a tiny but sophisticated sewing machine. His other arm ends in a pair of fabric scissors sharp enough to cut fullerene armor, which double as a fearsome weapon. During the rescue of Karl and Captain Kevyn he was augmented with a complete set of medibot programming, making him a skilled surgeon as well. Since he is on a ship with Lt. Ventura, further upgrades are a certainty.