Tbeki (sometimes spelled T'beki) is a sapient Ice Kreely mercenary who served with Tagon's Toughs. During this time Tbeki pair-bonded with Iiki and the two bore thirteen children. When Kaff Tagon discovered this, he immediately gave both Tbeki and Iiki their two-week notice on the grounds that "a mercenary ship is no place for children". Fleet Admiral Breya Andreyasn objected to this and offered to watch over the juvenile kreely.

Tbeki subsequently remained with the Toughs, accompanying them on their mission to Blintjun-Lapi in the Thorbis System and on their vacation to Mahuitalotu. He was captured alongside the rest of the crew during their skirmish with the UNS Morokweng, after which both he and Iiki made the decision to retire.