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The Teraport is a revolutionary Faster Than Light travel system, the most recent inventor of which is Kevyn Andreyasn. It opens quadrillions of tiny wormholes around the object to be teraported, breaks the object into microscopic chunks, pushes those chunks through the wormholes, and then reassembles them on the other side, a process that Kevyn described as "pushing cooked spaghetti through a colander". The teraport is shown to be a small object, approximately half the size of Ennesby's "maraca-head", and multiple teraport units are required to move very large objects around.

Their use can be blocked using Teraport Area Denial fields, which destroy any object teraported into or out of interdicted space. In a pinch, these in turn can be defeated using Teraport Cages, which in turn can be defeated by overlapping or boosting TAD fields.

Teraports have almost completely replaced wormgates as a method of travel, removing a great many problems. Including problems with warfare, which kicked off the Teraport Wars.