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For the book, see Book 2: The Teraport Wars

The Teraport Wars are a whole bevy of brushfire wars and background conflicts across the galaxy, which began with the release of the teraport drive and are still ongoing in places.

The galaxy is very old, and very full of fractious races, nations and alliances. Naturally, over the course of history a lot of political entities have gotten mad at each other. The thing is, with all transit between systems restricted by the wormgates and controlled by the F'sherl-Ganni Gatekeepers, war between solar systems was very difficult to wage, and so most enemies were forced to bide their time and squabble in lesser ways.

Enter Kevyn Andreyasn and his teraport. The teraport allowed its users to flit between systems at a whim, appearing and disappearing anywhere. When it was open-sourced in order to protect the technology from the Gatekeepers, the old problems with warfare vanished, and everyone with an old enemy got busy making up for lost time.

Currently, most of these miniature wars have been won and lost, or else TAD saturation has created a new stalemate. Many others are still at it hammer and tongs, though, and the Teraport Wars are far from over.

It has been implied that the Gatekeepers went through their own Teraport Wars, and it was in the immediate aftermath of these that the Pa'anuri invaded the Milky Way.