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Terra Firmator in Fleetmind space

Terra Firmator is the embassy vessel of the United Nations of Sol to the Fleetmind.

Ship history[]

Terra Firmator was originally an U.N.S. battleship. After being decommissioned and having its A.I. removed, Terra Firmator was sent to the galactic core to serve as the first U.N.S. embassy to the Fleetcore with former Admiral Breya Andreyasn as its ambassador. The embassy was also assigned a Marine garrison under the command of Colonel Kerchak.[1]

Terra Firmator was present when the Tagon's Toughs tried to flee from the U.N.S. battleplate Popigai into Fleetmind space. Ambassador Andreyasn offered to host a dinner aboard Terra Firmator to negotiate the extradition of the Toughs with the Fleetmind but the Toughs refused the invitation because of the ship's status as an embassy.[2]

The Tagon's Toughs were later hired by Ambassador Andreyasn to deliver General Hugo Xinchub to the Terra Firmator but the mercenaries' ship was ambushed by the U.N.S battleplate Morokweng at the rendezvous point.[3] Morokweng immediately jammed Touch-and-Go's communications and started to crush the smaller ship with gravy in order to prevent the mercenaries from sharing what they had learned about Project Laz'R'Us. Taking manual control of Terra Firmator, Ambassador Andreyasn rammed her ship into Touch-and-Go, allowing the Toughs to transmit to her the sensible data through direct contact.[4] The two intertwined ships were later pulled apart and brought aboard one of Morokweng's bays.[5]

Terra Firmator (left) colliding with the Touch-and-Go


  • The ultimate fate of Terra Firmator is unknown, though it's likely it was repaired and put back in service after its crew members were implanted with false memories, like Touch-and-Go.