The Doctor

Doctor Todd "Lazarus" Lazcowicz was the primary medical officer for Tagon's Toughs during their early years. He appeared to be competent but more than a little unethical. He joined the Toughs during a period where paperwork was largely overlooked, which led to no one actually knowing what his real name was. As a result, he was generally referred to as "Doc" or "The Doctor".

Lazarus was killed by friendly fire during an altercation with KFDA Commandos. During this incident, several rounds were fired by Sergeant Schlock, one of which ricocheted through the doctor's head. Following his death, The Doctor was quickly replaced by the newly recruited Doctor Edward Bunnigus.

It was posthumously revealed that Lazarus was a hardened criminal, "wanted for crimes in over two dozen star systems". Although his criminal history was left largely to the imagination, it was revealed that he participated in extensive illegal medical research.

To this end, he had heavily modified his personal cryokit, reprogramming it to perform illegal surgery. The device was upgraded to include all of his research data and a complete set of his memories, effectively preserving a digital copy of the doctor.

The doctor's corpse was later recovered by the bounty hunter Doyt Gyo, in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the bounty on his head.