The UNS Tunguska was a triangular Tricorn-class Battleplate, and is in fact the first Battleplate seen within Schlock Mercenary. Only ever seen under the command of General Xinchub of Project Laz'R'Us, it served as his flagship up until his capture by the Toughs. Little is known about "Gus", the AI of the Tunguska, except for his nasty sense of humor; the same goes for his apparent superior, Admiral Gracie. The Tunguska was destroyed by the Pa'anuri in the Zoojack system.[1]

A replacement UNS Tunguska was laid down in a UNS yard, but work on it was halted when Project Laz'R'Us was broken up. The mostly completed vessel was instead sold to the Neoafan Freehold, which dismantled it in order to build the city of Jumpstar Prime.


  • Given the naming conventions of battleplates, it is likely that the UNS Tunguska was named after the 1908 Tunguska event.


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