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Professor Uptrobar - A member of the Unioc race. (Older Member of the Race)

The Unioc are a race of one-eyed aliens in the Schlock Mercenary universe. Unioc body structure is broadly similar to a humans, with the primary differences being three-fingered hands and the single eye. A Unioc's brain is located in it's pelvic cradle, and it's single eye is roughly the size of a human head. Uniocs have better eyesight than humans; the long focal length of the eye lets them see microscopic details, (such as a nanny-cam floating in the eye of a reporter) and they can gauge distance quite accurately by rapidly shifting focus. They don't benefit from stereoptic parallax, but their enormous eye provides a long focal length. They perceive depth quite accurately by shifting focus.[1] The only Unioc on the Toughs roster is Ebbirnoth, who joined up at Ghanj-Rho and has since been promoted to Lieutenant.

Lt. Ebbirnothm, in the uniform of the Tagon's Toughs.


The Unioc species comes from the world of Othlin, in the Xuvoth Star System. Othlin home world notable features is it's landmasses are shaped so world seemingly resembles an eyeball.[2]

The planet Othlin

Notable Events[]

The Unioc home starsystem would come under attack by the Pa'Anuri. The extra-galactic species attacked the Xuvoth starsystem, use it's Hyperadvanced technology to throw one of Xuvoth planets at the home world. AI Petey and his galactic allies would soon arrive and manage to destroy the Pa'Anuri Planetary-Size Warship. However, the warship's destruction would create near-mini Supernova like blast threatening Unioc with extinction. Petey using his own hypertechnology to Teraport entire population and the ship crews' minds into a virtual vault, while their bodies were left behind for the Supernova's shockwave to destroy.[3] Is unknown how many Uniocians remain in meat-bodies outside of events of the attack. However, the entire population remains virtual vaulted onboard the space habitat, Eina-Afa.

They have since been returned to their bodies after the end of the war with the Pa'Anuri, with their planet now spinning around its axis in the opposite direction, causing sunrise to appear from the "wrong" direction.


Additional References on the Unioc race can be found in Planet Mercenary Role Playing Game, which has small reference regarding the home world and species.