The United Nations of Sol, commonly referred to as the UNS,[1] is the 31st century meta-government that subsumes all nations, corpornations, habistates, cometownships, and other governing bodies in the gravitational thrall of Earth's sun. There are many human-populated (and even human-ruled) star systems outside of Sol System, however, that pay only token homage to the UNS.

The UNS is a fairly major force in the galaxy, since it is the primary government of the fifth[2]most populous family of sophonts in the galaxy. Population centers governed directly by the UNS (as opposed to its satellite governments) include Earth, Luna, Europa, Mars, Venus and Mall-One.

High Atlantis (UNS Orbiting Port-Of-Entry for Sol System)

High Atlantis, orbiting space port for the star system's capital city, Dom Alantis.


Dom Atlantis

Capital City of United Nations of Sol, Dom Atlantis.

UNS is governed by a Plutorliament Government. During the time of the Teraport Wars, the UNS was riven with factions. Two known factions within the UNS were focus on cutting deals with Gatekeepers. While they had no known name, two set of these factions attempted to cut a deal with Progressive faction of Gatekeepers Cabal, potentially effect Galactic commerce. Former UNS General XinChub and Deputy Elephant was one set group, while Admiral Breya Andreyasn was member for another.[3]

During Tough's Escort of the representatives of the Neoafu Stronghold, and their announcement of release of technology to create immortality, factions within the UNS would turn against each other. Hijacking the Earth's artificial ring begin to attack Dom Atlantis with powerful light beams, marking beginning of a UNS Civil War.[4] The rebellion, with the JSC assisting use Ring to attack Plutorliament government.]</ref>

Economics / Industrial InfoEdit

The bulk of the UNS's Military-Industry can be found in the Jovian System (aka Jupiter and it's moons.). This is due in part the rich resources found in and around Jupiter. However, excessive mining of Io cause the moon to be destroyed[5], restructuring the way resources are gathered from the moons.][6]

Luna Helluvator (Space Structure)

Luna / Earth Space Elevator known as Luna Hellevator.


The UNS has a large warfleet, during the Core War, the UNS deployed 51 Battleplates and 2,200 smaller warships with coalition of ships to fight destruction of the Galaxy.[7] Older ships which are decommissioned, are have their AI's removed and retired.[8]

The UNS Fleet was known to employ types of warships & starships. It is unclear if Battleship are still built enlight of the rise of Battleplates.  One known Battleship, Terra Firminator was retired and converted into a Embassy Ship.

Types of Warships in the UNS Fleet
Frigates  Destroyers Cruisers Battleships Carriers Battleplates




Schlock Warship- Juab

UNS Juab


Non-combatant VesselsEdit

UNS-IAI Science Vessel Gift Horse

UNS-IAI Gift Horse, science vessel/research vessel.


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